Ongoing 5.0, Gauntlet, and Summerkai Issues

Hey all!

We know that there have been a large number of ongoing issues, and we wanted to put a thread together listing what the team is currently investigating and hopes to have a fix for soon. Once we have more updates, we will let everyone know.

Current Issues

  1. Quests not Counting or Progressing
    This should only be a temporary issue, but we will still be looking into why some players are still unable to progress in certain quests.

  2. Unable to Attack PvE Isles due to Banned/Inactive Status
    These attacks should not be consuming your Energy, Megacoins, or consumables, so rest assured that they will be returned to your inventory. That being said, we’re currently investigating why the PvE islands are not working for every player.

  3. Crashing during Event Attacks
    This seems to be intermittent, but we’re still investigating the cause of this issue.

  4. Sigils Lost After Claiming Seasonal Rewards
    If you’ve been hit with a mass response (or robo-reply as some have been calling it), respond back to your ticket letting us know how many sigils are missing. An agent will address your concern as soon as one is available. Please submit a ticket if you have not already for this issue.

  5. Compensation for Chat/Banner Issues
    Please don’t submit a ticket about this one. The team is currently working on determining global compensation for this issue. Once they have determined the best course of action, players will receive it in their game as a claimable chest that needs to be claimed similar to Team Prizes.

  6. Stuck in loading when trying to attack an island or being forced back to the Main Event Screen
    While we’re investigating, please try and force restart your game then attack again. I know this is not ideal, but it’s the work around for the time being.

  7. PvP Islands Showing the Same HP
    We’re working on figuring out whether this is just a visual issue or if there is more going on. Continue on attacking the enemy’s island until it reaches 0 HP.

  8. Stuck at 90% loading screen after battles
    The team is already aware of this issue. In the meantime, you can try to wait out the screen or close the screen. Your points will still process correctly.

  9. Auto Upkeep Payment Failing Leading to Lost Castles
    If your team has lost a castle due to an Auto Upkeep payment not going through, please submit a ticket. Make sure to include the castle name! We’re working to get everyone the castles back that they may have lost.

Note About the Ticket Queue

Kindly note that response times in our ticket queue will be slower than usual due to current ticket volume. Additionally, if you respond back to the same ticket multiple times, your ticket will get resorted to the back of the line. Please be patient while we try to get to everyone’s issues!

We are really sorry for the inconvenience these issues have caused.



  1. PvE islands - Banned/Inactive player issue should be resolved as of now. Let us know if ppl are still experiencing this.

  2. PvP HP - This actually has been determined to be a visual issue. Both islands are displaying your team’s current points rather than both yours and the other teams. The points that you are stealing from them is correct.