Ongoing problem

While I cannot speak for all, I can say I have about lost all patience with the ongoing issue with an attack being halted in midflight for an undeterminate amount of time each time a defender joins against an attack! Really tired of getting froze right in front of island 6 just as I’m about to deploy a spell as well as in the middle of 4 & 5. Also, from a defender’s perspective to have it freeze, and then the dragon suddenly jumps ahead leveling a crap load of towers in its wake.

@PGJared and can you provide any timeline as to when this will be fixed, its been going on for much to long now.:thinking:


Likely wont.


It’s a connection error, more common when one player is in say the US and the other is in Japan… the distance delays communication, and it would be pretty hard to fix. I’m not really too knowledgeable on this, but I think it’s separate servers (to give reasonable speeds to all players) that have to communicate

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Still the delay is a bit absurd. Sure there’s latency between long distances but ping times from the us to Japan are still well under one second. The defender freeze tends to be 5 second at least, sometimes 20+, that can’t all be blamed on networking.

It’s definitely absurd and has been getting noticeably worse lately imo. I think it is exploitable as well, a defender spams shield/attack boosts, which slows the battle. I’ve had it happen to me at the start of EVERY island…really throws your attack rhythm off.

Solution? Bar defending :rofl:


most likey those defenders just use flight mode during the defence. cant be fixed.

This does suck, actaully the problem has only really begun in the past couple months or gotten bad enough that i have really noticed. It sucks!

Totally agreed!!! This WASNT an issue until around last Nov-Dec…

And it has been and ongoing issue every since!

I use AT&T internet and mine never does that unless it says my opponent has weak connection.

It could be fixed easily just move it to server instead of defender. They should also fix the when you defend your own base by the time you join half the base is gone. Just move the fighting to server side,and wait until both clients are present.

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