Only 1/2 of Kayla tier 1/2 off?

Since when is only 1/2 of a tier 1/2 off? Leos wasn’t only 1/2 off on 1/2 of the prize line so why is Kayla? @dragonpunch @pgjared any insight?

This is a first.

You can see their intent is to make it more affordable for lesser spenders by front loading the shards, and allowing armor to then be farmed later. (With Grogg it was much less useless without getting most of the line)

I like that they put the shards up front. I like that the rider doesn’t have any dragon type that it’s tied to. (normal riders have skills that are tied to a certain class, but this one does not)

I liked that they removed the rider xp skill from the tree.

Not so keen on having the buff percentages scaled down. I suspect this is designed with the idea of being used for kinnarus and noctua. (Both wind dragons with lightning resist)

I agree, its nice that they front loaded the shards, however thats not what the post is about… they have never only discounted half of a tier before. Additionally, they didn’t make it very obvious that only half of the tier was half off. Didn’t notice until i was outta sigils.

No no, this was designed with Equastor in mind. The reduced buff percentages harm younger players as much as it does older players. I’m level 85 just finished gold tier and bred mune. So I can be considered relatively new. I would much prefer if it came in the form grogg came in and with the same buffs as grogg than this dumbed down grogg. Literally everything this season is worse than last time round. Necryx>Leos, spindra=equastor? Don’t know much about sorcs don’t use them. Gargula>Avyx. I’ll bet my ass chim>warrior releasing on the tenth. Grogg>epic wisdom rune AKA Kayla.

Come on people, stay on topic! This is about only 1/2 being 1/2 off :joy::joy::joy:

:rofl: can’t tolerate older players having a skewed vision of what benefits younger players :laughing: as for the half being half off, it’s nice they did that and I also don’t see how this “benefits lower spenders.” I just think it’s a nice thing to do as at least it’s a discount :joy:

Not really useless. Even getting to lev 10 gave 3.4% attack boost and 2.5% Hp boost for grogg.
And Kayla gives 6% atk and 5% hp boost at lev 50.
You can see the difference margin. Grogg almost gives double attack boost at same level

Haha i have no skewed ideas… i Think you’re missing my point. There has never been a half off that’s ONLY 1/2 of the line 1/2 off… it’s been all or nothing. My question is why only 1/2 marked down and not ALL marked down, similar to Leos right now.

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Yes, grogg was MUCH better than Kayla is. With a maxed grogg on Necryx my current boosted strength is 10M, kinn Boosted with a maxed Kayla is only 8M

Not you lol, check who the original statement was a reply to. :joy:

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Well to me it is related. It wasn’t communicated well, and the graphic on the season button does seem to imply it should be the whole season. So yes misleading.

However, I believe that it was a compromise to put riders in the hands of players who otherwise could not get them. (People who couldn’t finish the entire line).

It’s not a bad rider. But it’s not nearly as useful as grogg or the atlas rider.

I didn’t realize Equestor was also wind with lightning resist. So 3 dragons arguably overpowered which are wind with lightning resist. I’m fairly sure they nerfed the boosts due to fear of giving any of those dragons too much power.

Vanquisher much? If you have noctua you’re likely to have vanquisher who is 10x as good as this Kayla so they weren’t scared of making dragons overpowered. Besides nothing about equastor screams power. It’s relatively strong but ehh. So we are left with kinn who also has an atlas rider. Besides, there’s 2 types of bases. Those that stop kinn and those that don’t. Rider doesn’t even come into it.

Sorry, it doent Show for me who you replied to :sweat_smile: agreed also, Equestor seems relatively powerful but not overpowered like many other dragons at their release. I’m fine with the newer players getting a rider my issue is i Grinded to save up a bunch of sigils for a 1/2 price rider to get screwed by another, in my opinion, illogical change by PG. i am really only looking for justification for why they deemed this a good idea… for all i know, maybe there’s a valid reason. Could be the system couldnt handle 2 full 1/2 price prize lines or some other behind the scenes issue

While the red ribbon by itself is misleading, it does note that only the first half is discounted at the bottom. Maybe some people have to scroll? Also, though it’d be ideal to have the full line discounted, they could just have released it without any discount. I could see it going that way, so that people feel like discounts are special again instead of expected.

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Let’s continue the discussion in the Wind Rider (Kayla) Preview Details Post.

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