Only 1 Bonus Branch

Last season the three main dragons have the secondary reward branch. This season is only one line in its own column. Will there be another line to match or will this one be re doable to help compensate for all the loss of secondary rewards? Chests,packs, fires etc

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Those line were pretty much useless, you were always better to get more dragon then de secondairies lines…

Plus now the 100% bonus token cost 1k sigil less… Who could be disapointed about that…!

I heard there will be 2 rider pines, so i think you will have kore then enought line to spemd your sigils…!


Well, Rider are quite helpfull if you get a beast dragon to put him on, he will become God (Necryx) …! The rider from last season boost Necryx power by around 1/3 of ots power, which is not negligable!

Better have a Powerfull dragon then 2 good dragons!

Get the egg token boost… it has a energy and IF as rewards
15 energy packs & 45 IF if I remember correctly

Useless? Lol no. They were awesome. Had extra packs an fire for among other things. The extr tokens is nice but at the loss of what 100 pack rewards an 60 fires ontop of all else so hopefully the rider lines will have them

That’s what I am talking a bout there used to be three of them so you could get more energy packs and fire now it is only the one branch a major cut back and we all know that chest drops are horrible for fires

I’m not going to disagree with you but I only got the extra branch that had the eggtokens boost…the others seemed sub par for the effort ( won’t use useless because everything is useful)

If i had 4000 sigils i would always go for these extra branches at the very very end of the season to help stock up on IF/Energy and they had around the same tokens as the dragon side of the branch but also included more EE’s.

Any more than 4000 it made sense to do another dragon line since the prizes started to get better to go further down a line.

I’m kinda sad to see these go because now I’m going to be forced to go just down a rider or dragon line with no option to get more PvP items.

Let’s see how they do the rest of the season, it’s still a bit early to judge depending on how they bring the rider branches out and if they include rotating branches of runes again :smiley:

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I also miss the split branches for replenishing PvP items; they’re more worthwhile than a dragon that can’t be used at level. I suppose that I’ll have to see how far I get with the riders. :crossed_fingers:

if they add 1 more dragon rider (2 dragon rider total) then that might compensate for the side branch.

They did confirm in the stream that there’d be two dragon riders; the second effectively takes the place of the Nydryr/Anuba-type lines (edit for clarification - just the number of lines, no mention about prizing structure).

the 2nd dragon rider should cover the missing 2 side branch from the dragons.

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