Only starter and super pack in store. No chests drops on attacks

I only have 2 chests showing for purchase in store, starter and super. Also in numerous attacks (over 12 but I didn’t count exactly) no prizes or chests have dropped and targets are above my level. What is going on ?

This is a known issue that the team is investigating. Give it a little bit (maybe 10-20 minutes) and if you still don’t see anything try a hard reset.

Hard reset is ??

Close the app and clear backgrounding.

Ok clear background means deleting game?

If I have to delete game I’m not going to bother starting over. This sucks!

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I don’t mind spending money but losing over a year of work I’m going to play Star Trek or something else.

If you have a pocket ID, you just log back in after deleting the game. If you are on iOS, it will remember the game, even if you delete it :slight_smile: I did that once when I started my alt account. I had wanted to get the referral rewards but it didn’t work right. I didn’t bother logging out and starting over to try again though.

Edit: I just reinstalled the game a few minutes ago because my egg token bonus got broken. Reinstalling the game fixed the issue and I didn’t lose any progress.

Edit 2: and I didn’t even need to log back in after deleting the app on my iPad, it remembered my saved data for me.

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I’m sorry I don’t know how to reinstall looks like I’m done

Reinstall is just download the app from the app store again :blush:

Then I have to start back at first lvl?
No thanks

If you have a pocket ID, you get your account back exactly as it is. You just have to log back into it :wink:

I guess I need to go back to rolling dice. I’m almost 60 and not really tech savvy. This whole mess has got me discouraged

What is clearing background?

Go to the app switcher and close out all war dragons. Some phones have an x and can be swiped, while others may only have a tap and swipe horizontal/vertical option.

I don’t have app switcher?

Hi Gator are you on android or IOS?

If you are on iOS, you double tap the home button to open up the app switcher function. Then you swipe up to close an app.

Here’s what it looks like on an iPad:

And here’s what it looks like on an iPhone:

Did reinstall took 3 trys

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Glad you got it worked out :+1: