Only way to get PG to respond

Hey all,

My game nickname is M0Y0 and im the leader of a platinum 1 team call MutinyRising. One of my officers, LordCyril, has been banned for “Cheating”. According to PG he gave himself 3 000 000 rubies in the time frame between the 14th and the 21st of march. I’m sure they are wrong because on fortification event between the 28th of march and the 2nd of april he was showing off for having 450k rubies and 157k egg tokens. I saw it with my own eyes when he showed me his phone. So unless he spent it all between the 21st and the 28th of march those rubies never existed. And had he spent it he would not be lvl210 with garnet dragons only. So please help prove he is innocent by putting pressure on PG. U cant just base your judgement on a stupid log. U need to do research and see on what a so called ‘cheater’ had spent his rubies on.
LordCyril is such a good gamer and like all gamers cheating is not interesting for him cause there is no challenge behind it … Gamers would know what im talking about.

I hope by opening this topic i’ll bring the justice he so much deserves

Thank u all for all the help in this matter


Thx a lot moyo for opening this subject.
Find below the reply i have provided on this misunderstanding/accusation:
Hi arelyna.
That i yet another information that is not correct.
Apparently a wrong calculation could be in place showing that i got these in you logs.
Plus if i got 3100000 why on earth i would still be a level 210 with only garnett dragons, 15k sigils for this season, 157k tokens and only a decent number of clocks left provided exactly in my ticket and MY well earned 440k of crystals.
Where would these have been gone.
I only had 54 GC left and those also are well earned from the branches of last season where the rewards were gd in GC(more than 60 only from the 2nd page per branch) and last season i did 2 branches and a half (same behavior as every season).
These leads to a miss calculation in your algorithm/log and gets us hopefully to the misunderstanding we are looking for.
If u check my account and the constant behavior of my account for the past 2 years, you will for sure know that there is no way on earth that i had so much rubies.
In addition if these rubies were in my account, where did they go and what was the counter value for them in my account???
And with all the details i already have given (token, remaining rubies, clocks(detailed), sigils, Gold chests, dragons, fragments(abt 140 remaining)…) i hope this really clarifies the situation.

As i said i am 100% sure i didnt do anything wrong, i am passionate about this game and really enjoy playing along with the people in my team that i am sharing it with.

Thanks again for looking into my account again and hopefully now my issue would be resolved and that this clarifies our misunderstanding.

Best Regards,

In addition on the next fortificatoon i went up from lvl 201 to 210 and i guess with 3m rubies i should have been more around 250

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Just to add one more thing this reply was 2 days ago and yet no reply was given

Hi Cyril,

I hope all this situation will be clarified and fixed quickly. It is crazy that PG is not able to look at your statistics and come with a conclusive solution. What’s the point to play and invest time and resources if they can ban you/us at any given time without the proper explanation and without proving anything?

I really hope they will answer you soon



Sounds like @arelyna is already working with you on this case, and by posting here, you are fine with her discussing your situation in the forum?

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LordCyril has nothing to do with opening this forum. I did cause he is not receiving any answers.
I just want to make sure someone is taking care of his case. If so why is he not getting any answers ?

As i said it has been 2 days i didnt receive any feedback and honestly i have nothing to hide

And btw the screen shot u are seing is 3 days old. It is still unanswered

I really am all for PG investigating his specific case and wish him well if he is indeed not guilty :+1:

That being said, you do realize that the statement you made below is a complete contradiction right? You do realize that game logs are the research that they are doing and the game log files contain the information as to where the rubies have been obtained and spent right?

Unfortunately not mec cos i only got a reason that i got these ( which i am pretty sure i didnt) and with all the information provided not a slight idea where they disappeared the week after.

tagging @PGJared .

maybe he can help u out :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Logs say what you tell them to say. I work in an IT departement and knows how it works. Let PG explain where did the 3m rubies go. on GC ? on egg token ? …

I’m gonna keep an eye on this thread for the eventual panning that’s will ensue :evergreen_tree::eyes::evergreen_tree:

Seriously you spent money on hacked packs and fucked your entire account to save money. What’s the issue here lmao? They have an entire record of your purchase history. Don’t try to weasel out of this one

What’s more likely, that there’s a conspiracy where PG wants to randomly frame people for cheating… or you actually just wanted to get big rewards for cheap money? It’s pretty fucking obvious lmao go cry somewhere else I have 0 respect for people like you that cry wolf when you know you’re in the wrong.

wow! why bother responding if its to write this crap.
A guys with 450k rubies on his account is going to screw himself to get 3 more millions after working hard for 2 years to go up the ranking. And when he got the 3m rubies he didnt spend any and stayed à level 210 waiting to get caught. Must make sense to simple minded people.

And we didnt open this topic to earn someone’s respect especially not yours but only to get answers from PG.

well @Kappatain i hope they check my buying from the account and they would find out that i got where i am with only getting the expert account.
But actually i wouldnt even bother explaining this to you cos if you would have been a true gamer you would from all the above understood the purpose of this chat.
Anw i know it hurts when someone is doing better than other without paying…

Just don’t say “gold” and you’ll be in good discussion shape.


Just curious why you’d sit on 450k rubies?

Is it possible for hackers to…”launder” rubies?

Well @Lx460 i am using my rubies by end of every season to finalize my branches if i was short on sigils. Plus the amount of time i spend on the game and the level of evolution i got my account at i use crystals only when i need to.
Plus i was waiting for the perfect mythic dragon (ols season format) to go all the way and acquire this dragon.