Open All …. Chests need disabled feature

Has anyone gone in to open 10 chests and accidentally hit open All? Yeah this my my third time and I keep think that I should have learned by now to double check. So why am I not the only one that has done this more than once? Perhaps we can disable our own Open All button? I don’t want to do this in error any more :relieved:. Has anyone else had an issue with this?


There’s a second button you have to press… how do you misclick twice?


While I do feel there should be multiple confirmation windows with the confirm button in different locations, I dont really get how people can do this multiple times when there’s a confirmation window.



I opened 800ish golds by accident a few weeks ago… don’t open chests tired people.

The confirm button is in the same place as the close button for when you open 10 chests.

So if you want to open say 50 or a 100 you may be clicking quickly and are not paying attention. Well it can happen


Usually support can revert your open all chests if you ask nicely.
There are many games with open all feature and there is a confirmation window. If you are not paying attention to what you are doing why the rest of player base should suffer ?

How is adding a function to disable the Open All button/function causing the rest of the player base to suffer?

People make mistakes, play when tired, etc. When doing the same action over and over again, which is what this game is all about, it is very easy to make a few misclicks and really screw up.

FWIW, I remember when you could only open 1 or 10, there was no open all button. They added it, so it shouldn’t be very hard to add a function to disable it and it shouldn’t cause anyone to suffer….


Yeah I thought about it but then didn’t want to wait and not play (use items recieved) while awaiting a response. It sucked but I have worked around it

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I sent a message! I will see what they say!

After being on the game for awhile, you get to tapping and clicking. It becomes almost automatic. It’s not an excuse for paying poor attention but it does happen.


Lag can also be a factor. I opened all even though I was being careful – I thought I’d hit the button for opening bonus chests.


After the chest drop sequence was moved server side and with the addition of animations, there was been a massive increase in chest opening lag.

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I’ve never accidentally opened all chests but when I almost did I was literally saying “HIT THE DECK!”

I once was rapidly scrolling in the breeding hut and accidentally tapped on Darja twice - 18 k rubies for an egg I was long past. Support wasn’t gracious that time. Those 18k rubies really set my progress back at the time.

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Not true, my officer asked nicely and was flatly denied.

It’s not always about paying attention a lot of the times when people open chests that screen is lag central. When you go to close an open ten it doesn’t always accept the request and you have to hit it again and sometimes even a third time before it processes. Occasionally these additional taps at the close button also registers as you wanting to open all chests and even as the confirmation behind the move. Having the open all in the exact same place that the close is, is just an accident waiting to happen.

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The art of opening chests in War Dragons boils down to:

  1. Abstain from alcohol beforehand.
  2. Bring out your inner pacifist.
  3. Click once and let the swirly icon hypnotize you until it gives up its contents.
  4. If you reject the above approach, click another tab and then go back to the Amory and try again. This is specifically so you don’t do anything dumb. In my experience, moving to another tab cancels the request.

I try to refrain from clicking multiple times during the wait time - it’s honestly not very good practice since, as you say, accidents could very well happen.


Thank you all for your comments. I am certain this will not happen again but I still believe being able to disable your individual open all chests is a good feature to consider. PG did reimburse the chests and it is truly appreciated. However, this is a 1 time option. Just food for thought and consideration. Thanks!

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Wow glad to hear you got a positive result. Even if only a once off.