Open All warning should have a "No" option

Since I accidentally opened all my Silver Chests this weekend, I got curious what the warning screen looks like and just checked (while I was paying attention). It turns out that the only answer it offers is “Yes” (you can cancel, but you have to “x out” of the window). I don’t know about you, but when I get a dialogue box with only one option, I am much less likely to worry what that box says (not like there is a choice, right?). So, if it wouldn’t break the game, it would be nice if the dialogue window after hitting “Open All” in the Armory had a “Yes” option and a “No” option.

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The “no” option is the red X in the top righthand corner of the box.

I’m sorry for saying this, but that sounds like a personal problem. If you don’t read the selections that the box offers you, how will you know what the outcome will be? If you take it slow and be cautious when you go tapping on things, you just may have a more fortunate outcome; whereas if you rush into things and blindly tap random buttons in the screen, you’d only be setting yourself up for disappointment.

Honestly, I would think that someone who tends to rush into things would stop to acknowledge the fact that there is only one button presented, recall that there are two possible outcomes (if the single button says “Yes”, all chests are opened automatically; if it says otherwise, all chests are saved) and a 50% chance of each happening, glance at what the button says, and form their decision based on what it says. And since “yes” and “no” are the only two options, you prompted the system to open the confirmation screen, and there is a red X button plopped at the top righthand center of it that just screams “don’t open these chests”, the most reasonable conclusion to make in that instance would be that the single button is one that opens all chests automatically, and therefore is one that you do not want to press if opening the chests is not what you aim to do. Someone who is usually too giddy with choice-based systems like this should always stop to consider the possibilities before committing to the action.

Bottom line: ascertain what it is you’re about to do before you do it. Otherwise, you’ve gotten yourself into a pickle, and you have to start from scratch again.


I cannot blame people to whom this has happened.
I play so long daily and sometimes I reach up ti 7 am in the morning.Which is just past the reset times for everything in US time.
Players tends to be busy so they have tendency to rush things.
Sometimes I am too tired I play half asleep.
Once I woke up and my primarch is on a different castle and I have zero clue how it got there.


There should be an option in general settings to disable open all.

Then we can enable it once a season when we need to use it.


I am picturing this primarch waking up, looking around, not recognizing the castle it is on, and deciding it needs to party in NML less! :rofl:

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This would be nicer than my suggestion, I agree. But I thought adding a “No” button might be easier to code…

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Like this?


Well, I did envision “Yes” and “No” next to each other. The point is to get my (and hopefully other people’s) mind to register that there are two choices. Even now when I look at the Current layout that you drew I have to consciously remind myself that “Ok” isn’t the only choice, and hitting the “x” will act as non-confirmation.

For example, if a dialogue box pops up saying “Windows needs to restart and will schedule one within 24 hours,” hitting the “Ok” button and the “x” in the corner do the same thing (get the darn window out of the way). If the box pops up and says, “Windows needs to restart, do you want to restart now?” the presence of a “Yes” and a “No” option registers in my brain as a choice.

What I am trying to convey is that, with the current layout, my brain doesn’t make a decision about the “Ok” or the “x” because it doesn’t consciously register that there is even a choice.

In another thread where someone suggested add a manual typing of the word YES to confirm you want to open all. This is the best suggestion that I have heard. There are too many things that require us to just keep clicking through in this game that it gets monotonous, like opening 1000 chests, but 10 at a time. If the manual type feature was added, it would resolve this issue for everyone.

I did open all on my silver by mistake this week - felt like a fool! If I had to manually type YES, it wouldn’t have.


Nothing worse than a primarch doing the walk of shame.

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The weird part was they did not hit it.