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How many players participating in War dragons???

you and me are at least 2


I’m oneπŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈ


Depends what you define participation at? Login once in 3 months? weekly? daily? do events? troll?


As in.??? How many world wide participants , considering there. R bronze/ silver/gold as well as platinum / sapphire and diamond leagues covering roughly three levels at each grouping.!!!

There are over 13,000 in Sapphire and Diamond alone.


May I ask, why do you want this data?

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For the league info, check the below post!

In this, almost all the teams in Diamond, Sapphire and Platinum consist of 50 active players.
So you can count about 58,750 players in those leagues.
Although Players in gold are decently active, for counting sake lets consider gold and silver teams have average of 20 low activity and above players. That would be about 6900 teams and a total of 138000 players.
Lets ignore Bronze league which either has teams rushing fast to upper leagues or teams with mostly 2 players or less who are mostly inactive.
So an estimate for number of active players would be 196,750, lets call it 190,000.


Fermi would be proud.

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