Open letter to PG


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Dear PG team,

We went with you side by side for many years and this game had a lot of ups and downs but with the latest management decisions this game is about to

  • make long term members quit the game
  • encourage cheating
  • making ‘investments’ most of all in bases meaningless
  • eventually fall apart.

The reasons for this are

  • introduction of requirements for the current tier which shows a trend that next tier will be exclusively for lv 370-400s
  • major flaws in correct power implementations of lv 55+ towers
  • early 300s who can be found in every league quitting the game and leaving their team as cannon fodder
  • bad return on investments when it comes to spending
  • end game bases which are so weak vs current harbinger experts that a lv 500 equals a lv 200 in terms of defending
  • wars which end in the top teams by 52 defense points out of 50 tries which breaks the team spirit
  • soon introduction of lv 65-70 towers
  • lack of back breeds throughout sapphire and up tier
  • full prices on dragons which were top tier 2 years ago
  • full prices on towers which were top tier 2 years ago
  • no player level based scaling of egg missions, gold chest content and free goodies from attacks past lv 186
  • no event team prize scaling after league restructuring of last year (cheers to @TheRedDelilah) Bottom teams in the relevant league get still the same prizes as the top teams in the relevant leagues
  • fear that next tier of dragons/towers will only be obtainable for the super whales or the cheaters

I mean you cannot continue like this. This cannot be the route anyone want to go.

By Christmas 2018 we will see second release of dragons and tiers which will have requirements way past lv 400.


  1. See the current requirements for harbingers (legendary lv 333 / mythics lv 357) as final requirements for future releases. Don’t increase these requirements with the next 2-3 tiers of dragons.

  2. Implement a scaling mechanism past lv 186 that players get higher amounts of gold chest content the bigger they are. Make this a smooth and small curved scale. Set a cap.

Examples: a lv 300 should get 900k instead of 400k in food and wood packs. Give out 200% xp boosts in gold chests beside the 100%. Instead of 300k xp potions give this player 1m xp potions.

  1. Rework team prizes. Honor those in the tops of their leagues with higher team prizes. Don’t scale from the existing prizes down scale up.

  2. Make old content cheaper. There is no way why anyone should pay 125k egg tokens for Iteru. Or 145k for Ursa. Also lv 40 towers to lv 50 towers don’t have the value anymore what they had 1-2 years ago. Scale those prices down.

  3. Offer more back breed options. Allow that some dragons can breed 2 sapphires or garnets at once.

  4. Make bases important again. Work with experienced players and let them support you to make them defendable and challenging again.

Thanks for reading I hope this won’t be forgotten and ignored.


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100% support from this gal.


Almost any catch up mechanic will work, but know that there will be complaints from spenders about why this was done and that they won’t be spending anymore.

I still remember the research re-balance, XP cap being increased and then the value pack having the ruby amount increased after testing a few random people.

still waiting for more complaints when good thing comes.


The point about making old content cheaper is something I wrote about once in the old forum. is understandable that new content comes very expensive because if not, high spenders will get there too fast and will force them to release more content faster. However if this content is left untouch, players who spend little to no money will have a much harder time getting past it. Maybe lower the cost of a tier after a year of its release?


Please consider implementing many if not all of these, a larger player base would play longer and spend more if progression were more balanced as suggested which benefits the players base as well as PG’s business


Signed! I wish I could like this more than once.


only change from what @Warlord proposed would be not scaling the costs of the lower buildings (I do not see that as an issue) but scale down the build times for these older towers.


Agree 100% excellent post Warlord let’s hope PG takes note.


Agree with most of the changes if not all of them. The only problem is getting PG to listen and actually implement the changes. It would take more than a year by the rate we are going.
I made this post not too long ago: Detailed Document: Current War Dragons & Request (Table of Contents)
This document was forwarded to the developer team apparently…PG promised to take these into “consideration.” But yeah, overall there are VERY HIGH PRIORITY issues that PG isn’t accounting for. Other issues are not top priority such as the water dragon scaling.


I agree entirely.


Totally 100% agree!!


Yes, I agree. I’m really losing heart with the game right now. It’s just no fun when you’re being told that you and/or several people on your team have to shell out thousands of dollars every few months just to stay competitive. I’m not one of the people doing it and I really appreciate those who are, but people are getting tapped out. It’s killing morale and, frankly, killing the game.
Don’t kill the golden goose, PG. You’ve got a good thing here, just temper yourselves a bit. Make it so that people can feel like they are getting somewhere instead of always getting further away.
Exponential growth is not sustainable.


Hope this open letter isnt just seen by PG but acted upon as well.

As much as many players who already passed sapphire/garnet may dislike making old content cheaper, the game wouldn’t be fun with all the people quitting. Quitting is a much more serious issue than their dissatisfaction, if making it fair to players who passed it already is a big concern, now you have a bigger one. Priorities, as PG team usually say.


I’ll add that it’s about time war assists were restricted too, so teams can’t get raped in wars by the person of high level with the best dragon ripping through an entire team.
It’s dull & not very strategic in the slightest.
You only get one war attack, why not only be able to support one or 2 & accept wars are won on number of flames & not number of defences?


That’s more because the tower balance. People shouldn’t be able to do that except only a few. I see no problem in the number of attacks you can back, but the problem may lie in cheaters backing & very imbalanced towers versus the dragon.

Keep increasing tower levels that costs $10K+ to keep up isnt an option really. @BetterThanGod already wrote about it and panda, heck every major forum visitors have raised the issue. If top teams are posting things about on the verge to quit, you know what it means

I also once seen an argument about “end game shouldn’t be easily reached”

Well, people are reaching. And when they do the imbalance is messing everybody else up. So others have to attempt to reach as soon as they can as well. All the leaders in top teams know the importance of having HUGE spenders in team due to the current way of game progression. Even the team prides themselevs in organization strategy and whatever other things, they are left with no choice but to recognize what spending does now, goes as far as acknowledging some people’s role in team is to keep up with maxed base and towers. Not very good imo.


Seriously though…there was one of these done about 1.5 years ago. PG “changed” for like a week and then went right back to doing the same old shit. This is just round 2, or 3, or 15. I lose track.


I completely agree with this :thinking: and Even tho I’m still lower in level, my commitment is still to this game “for now” but the recent changes are killing me , and yes I know 10 lvl 150-250 personally that quit just Bc it’s not what it used to be


I keep waiting for things to change. Been 3 years and counting. Staff came and went along with several promises broken. Maybe this time it will?


I Agree with this completely yo dicks take note not everyone has spare cash lying around :+1:t2:


Best thread ever. Please PG, for the sake of WD longevity and to ease player frustrations, implement these ideas Warlord has laid out. Most of them aren’t new but you can see by the number of likes already on his post (40 within an hour) that they are ALL needed changes.