Open letter to PG


I took a welding course years ago. My welds were some of the ugliest in the class. :rofl:. It definitely requires skill. :+1:t3:




old school name


In full disclosure, I have done a grand total of maybe 6 hours of welding in my life. So, back in my heyday of a good event Saturday, I would have spent about as much time in that one day on WD as I have in almost 40 years welding. :man_shrugging:

Lessons I have learned:

  1. I am not a good welder
  2. The “glowing things” that drop from an arc welder are hot enough to burn through your boot and burn your toe (and you can’t get your boot off before it has cooled to body temperature).
  3. Always have eye protection (luckily, I let someone else teach me that one, but no permanent damage for him).



Good, important lessons.

Don’t have to be “good” at everything. Jack of all trades, master of none.


I agree with warlord. I am level 150 ish and i’m in saphire breeding and it starting to feel the scaling is off.

Please have to recommandation applie to the game.

If you retain older player they will recommend the game and in the player who join because of recommandation some player will spend cash and cash will continue to flow in.


If you don’t specialize in something, you’re more likely to get passed over for someone else.

Probably shouldn’t get too far off topic or else the thread might get closed.


We gotta keep the thread alive atleast until christmas so we can say “told you so” :stuck_out_tongue:


This may be one of the best post I have ever seen on the forums. I have been a gamer for some time now, Game of war (highway robbery) kept my business for 2 years, march of empires ( kept my business for over 3 years before I quit and came here because of their greed and expectation for tremendous amounts of money. Each season the legendary divine dragons seem to get worse and worse forcing players to get the mythic, then 2 seasons later that mythic can’t even max out with the current new tiers. If we are investing the thousands we do for the mythics every season I don’t think it would be too much to ask for neptus and corthanak (and all prior mythics) to be awarded free vanguard stones for these big investments that are only currently temporary. At the rate tiers are being pushed out it seems that the goal is a tier a season. Level requirements are beyond outrageous especially after level 300 it takes about 10 times as many upgrades to jump one level.
I don’t mind spending money on a game that I have fun playing, but any other game I invested large amounts of money into I received gear that I could use up until the day I quit. I am on a s2 team and we only have maybe 10 spenders and 2 very heavy spenders ( a good friend of mine and myself) and the burden you are putting on our shoulders is getting heavy because we aren’t choosing to spend money any more to have fun we are being forced in order to make sure the team does ok in events and to just stay competitive.
Changes are made on a whim; I.E. the veteran rider who isn’t a veteran rider and does not have veteran gear because it doesn’t say veteran like last seasons did regardless of stats. Last seasons veteran gear was decent to use until you can get legendary leveled up or to add health instead of attack buffs or vice versa.
Constantly releasing new flaks that take elemental shards compared to the 500k Ice and fire shards I’ll never be able to use, then after releasing all these flaks you drop a super OP dragon in new tier with an elemental resist after 95% of people have removed all projectile towers from base and stopped leveling them because they weren’t worth 5 years worth of speed ups to get to a temporary max level and elemental levels are really the only thing we have been using because of the flak heavy arsenal we are able to choose from.
In addition to the excessive dragon tiers and problems in real game (not even mentioning how you still can’t re-activate supershot towers a corthanak has frozen when you are defending your base)
Let’s talk about atlas;

  • bazar removed because we aren’t aloud to receive free items.

  • Currency change

  • Way too much time in between seasons where losing troops and gaining glory isn’t giving the extra prizes like you would if atlas season was active

  • 2/3 primarch Tier coming out in this time period where losing troops for glory is mandatory to level these new primarchs who take a substantial amount of Xp to level and in beginning stages have worse stats than primarch it’s supposed to replace.

  • Leveling riders takes forever, in order to level legendary gear once you spend a bunch of money to finally obtain it, you must then spend on average 1,000 minimum to max out one legendary piece of gear if you buy the packs for atlas available during atlas event to craft gear. It is usually much higher than 1000 unless you are killing it in every atlas event along with dropping a lot of money. Thats $8000 for each element to max their legendary gear. So fire, ice, wind, earth and dark will run you $40,000 to max out what will take you thousands of dollars to even acquire to have one maxed rider for each element which you will have to switch to that other dragon when you are running 2 dragons of the same element in roster*

  • There are so many more things I could mention. @Warlord I agree with everything you suggested. It would be nice to see things change, every update lately has not been so exciting but sometimes seems more like an obligation. I don’t see people continuing to follow this path if it continues to head the direction it’s going. To spend tens of thousands of dollars for it to become obsolete within 6 months max is not a good financial investment no matter how much money we are able to spend. I know it’s a business but when you can’t keep your top spenders playing in a small community unlike gameloft with hundreds of games they make profit from, it is very easy to see this amazing game you have built up over time become ruined when the money stops rolling in because people will just say enough is enough and usually by this point you must then acquire a new whale because when a person breaks they seem to move on to a new game regardless of what is changed after they make their mind up and decide they are done. Also did PG forget about offensive glyphs this season and rage or will next event have legendary and mythic ballista HP glyphs as the prize? I love this game and love that it’s your only game PG because you dedicate 100% of your work into it but if the goal is to see what the max amount of profit you can make before the top tier pay to play players break, then this makes me very sad as I do not think you will build a community like the one you have if people start walking for a very long time again if ever.

Sorry for the rant I hopes this helps someone out. If you are sending out a petition @Warlord then you can count me in for signing it. I really hope PG reads this and takes action to fix existing issues prior to releasing more new content.


This makes a lot of sense and I hope PG listens.
I would like to add that, in my opinion, Atlas should also be changed pretty drastically. It currently has almost no relevence to the general game, and it makes it a lot harder for Bronze, Silver, and Gold League teams to grow without making themselves feeders or partnering with a plat or above team.


So after the boykott sadly failed and after 465 posts in the boykott thread they now closed it down with absolutely no feedback given to ANY of the points mentioned in the OP of the boykott thread or the Open letter to PG (this thread).

So much for PG trying to improve their communication with the community…


I can think of business models that relate to the numbers 4 and 6; then there are the 5 stages of a model which denial is the stage they are now stuck in. But yeah I tend to think too much…


I actually only blame the big spender players like yourself for the state this game is in.

I’m sorry but you are more or less like the people that click on gossip articles about the stars private lives (or the invention of them).
NO click = no paparazzi. Don’t spend on WD = No constant money grabbing schemes and everything else you and everyone else protest about on a daily basis.

YOU and others are paying to win and unbalancing the whole game. But still you protest. Because even by spending many thousands of dollars you are still NOT invincible.

“Game of war (highway robbery) kept my business for 2 years, march of empires ( kept my business for over 3 years before I quit”

You didn’t quit… you just changed game and kept repeating the same behavior.
You have my compassion, but not my respect as an adversary.

Best of luck to you.

PS: I pay for a sub.


But but, didn’t you hear? The big spenders keep the game going, and y’all should be grateful :joy:


One could think only the highest leagues spend but that’s not true. Starting from gold over platinum and sapphire you see sometimes more value pack gifts than in my d2 team.


From newcomers… let’s leave Sapphire as a no-fly zone for this comment


Yep. It’s called gambling addiction.


I expect they know. They also know how to encourage spending. The core aspect of development for this game is to encourage spending. Balance does not really help with a P2W game.


Don’t you mean pay to play?


Unless you are suggesting one has to pay to be mildly competitive then no. This game falls squarely into the P2W category and PG is not ashamed of that. Really should not be as that is their intention.


The people running this game is not PG , is the big spenders of the game they run the show