Open letter to PG


Sorry :see_no_evil:


I took a welding course years ago. My welds were some of the ugliest in the class. :rofl:. It definitely requires skill. :+1:t3:




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In full disclosure, I have done a grand total of maybe 6 hours of welding in my life. So, back in my heyday of a good event Saturday, I would have spent about as much time in that one day on WD as I have in almost 40 years welding. :man_shrugging:

Lessons I have learned:

  1. I am not a good welder
  2. The “glowing things” that drop from an arc welder are hot enough to burn through your boot and burn your toe (and you can’t get your boot off before it has cooled to body temperature).
  3. Always have eye protection (luckily, I let someone else teach me that one, but no permanent damage for him).



Good, important lessons.

Don’t have to be “good” at everything. Jack of all trades, master of none.


I agree with warlord. I am level 150 ish and i’m in saphire breeding and it starting to feel the scaling is off.

Please have to recommandation applie to the game.

If you retain older player they will recommend the game and in the player who join because of recommandation some player will spend cash and cash will continue to flow in.


If you don’t specialize in something, you’re more likely to get passed over for someone else.

Probably shouldn’t get too far off topic or else the thread might get closed.