Open letter to PG


Can’t forget or ignore what you never read :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

PG logic


I completely agree with this. Some fantastic points for all stages here. Very well said.


I was just getting started when I read that letter. I wonder how many of those people are left…


Queue the usual response from PG…
Then this thread will be forgotten after a month


I’m still waiting for my green egg refund from overspending on research. Haven’t been able to research into gold yet because I can’t afford to waste tokens on green eggs just for research. I’m not holding my breath.


They always say that your suggestions will be taken to the dev team. By that, they actually mean the nearest rubbish bin.


The issues brought up in this thread are crucial to the future of this game.

Players need to feel like they are getting value for money and time put into the game. While updating and balancing are amazing and much needed it is not ethical to reduce the value of content already purchased or increase the price so much you effectively “price out” the vast majority of your player base.

This game could be so much better if a proper catch up mechanism were implemented or rewards were properly scaled ( the good ideas have already been written up please take them into serious consideration)


I know I’ve seen them say that to what…30 suggestions in the past month. Sorry maybe it’s more - obviously I don’t keep track of those stuff :laughing:
PG may say that but it doesn’t mean that they fell asleep and then forgot it the next day


Please feel free to share this letter on your Twitter, link it to WD on Facebook, send it to your line chats.

I want a broad feedback throughout all player tiers.

Thank you very much


There is a marketing technique where items are more expensive when they first come out and then they decrease in value over time (I can’t think of the name). That would seem like a reasonable way to manage the amount of egg tokens needed, timers, etc. When new better item come out the older items are no longer the newest and best.

Something else that will also help this problem is to scale things better like egg tokens in missions, timer amounts, etc. The highest level in the game still gets the same egg tokens as a level 6. It doesn’t make sense.


Well said Warlord! I’m 100% for the changes you describe.

I’m assuming PG has metrics on how many players are leaving… change usually comes after much suffering.

If PG sees a downward trend in revenues then they will change, the question is if it will be before the trend goes too far, which is hard to guage ( from a spreadsheet).

Personally, as a player in the low 300’s, it feels like it has gone too far… A long expensive bait & switch. The only thing keeping me grinding is my teammates. If my team were to fold right now, I’d cut my losses and leave the game.


Not gonna lie, if they suddenly take this one seriously after all the bullshit they said/did on the other threads I am going to be a little bit salty.


Amen brother, I really think if more VDMs (valued decision makers) actually played the game at sapphire/diamond level, they would recognize these flaws. The issue is…engaging the 2 percent of spenders that generate PGs salaries. What happens to the players who max everything out? How do we keep them interested in the game… Atlas was an attempt to engage these players, but not all of them love atlas. So PG thinks the only option is to build up instead of out. I have some extremely good ideas, in addition to the recommendations WL suggested, if pg would like to get up with me. Living and breathing marketing strategies as my background, I know what works and having invested in this game I know what will intrigue all clientele; future, new, and old players.

Thank you for this WarLord!

Hopefully the ears listen to reason of logic, player retention should always be a top priority for any company.

:beers: Lumber -EQ


Means a lot to players like me that the old guard are for these concessions. I am just starting on Platinum dragons and getting towers into the thirties and things are already slowing considerably. Cannot fathom the miserable hell that is upgrading the upper tiers of these things. Anything that can be done to keep the game moving is a great idea in my book.


You’re better off emailing this to their director of Product Managememt; #pg Brian S. Your presence is needed


Here! Here! It’s fucking crazy that rolling out bigger dragons does not equal balancing farms higher production as well, or that storage doesn’t protect more since they need to feed more. That food and lumber boosts don’t boost more protection. It seems like a no brainer but obviously it isn’t.
Super frustrating to say the least. The adding mega coins but not adding higher inner fires to bronze and gold chest drops is absolutely insane. The higher egg token costs but lack of larger egg token drops is absurd.
All of these should be rolled out in one update as they all coincide with eachother but it doesn’t.
Love these bullet points. Thank you.


Trying to contact them via linked in. :+1:t4:


As a big spender, I sign this 100%.17553513_439064399770061_7503316219577686934_n


I will add one comment … It is not necessarily true that the top 2% of spenders totals the majority of PG revenue from this game.

Hundreds of thousands of small purchases can total more than a small number of purchases of tens of thousands .

In this game, PG financial future is dependent on new players and on having many, many players being willing to buy packs etc etc. Like many of these games, there a bit of a pyramid structure to the member community.

And if they don’t listen to the excellent points raised in this letter, they are indeed digging their own graves.


lol wow…