Open letter to PG


how i to get tracking


Here we are 8 months later…progres is looking bleak :sweat_smile:


Pretty much!




To repeat PG: free stuff will make players bored and quiet game…


Oh, but if you quit you’ll get an entire tier of dragons, a rider, and thousands of sigils if you come back! Wait…
You don’t even have to quit to get that offer.


Don’t forget a few flaks!


Pg logic, reward players who quit, while ignoring the players who play.

You got it bassackwards pg, reward active players, it’ll keep us active, ignore players who quit, they’ll come back when they see we’re finally be treated properly.

But that’s none of my business because I’m still active


Who’s betting half of the invites were sent to banned players? :raised_hands:


I was looking for the “Quitters Reward POST”!!! But I’m glad I saw this & completely AGREE… But where is the rewards incentives for the Loyal & Faithful??? Just being honest. We all aware of the Quitters, all of our teams feeling it!
This is the Best Opportunity for PG to unify the REAL PLAYERS.


So we can Gladly DESTROY each other’s base… (I hope you got meh…)


:rofl: This is the quitters reward post:


PG may not like that but he is right


Why not limit the levels you can attack in war like they do in battle?


Uhhh, you can attack anyone in the game. There are no restrictions on level you can hit.


Hmmm :thinking: wonder if PG analyzing this now? I wonder how many people have to leave before REAL changes are made or if leaving even matters to them. Maybe they think just another sucker around the corner so who cares if players leave in masses. Ok “how many whales have to leave” may be the better question to ask since grinders are just Krill. I kind of feel bad for those staying. Game had so much potential but anyone that’s stayed and played for years knows any positives gained in which we felt they might actually be listening is met with more disappointment. Don’t hold your breath on change. I’m not going to anymore.


PG is not listening. To the Scaling problem…Players (great players) continue to leave this game in droves…whispers are PG will be bankrupt by Summer 2019. Recruiting sucks because there are not enough active players and too many alternate accounts. There is too much cheating and hacking by foreign teams, mainly Turkish teams followed by Japanese teams. I hope PG employees have another job lined up.

IGN : TopGunzz


I waiting for it too like blood brother’s game of war etc


When dragons start to become super easy to obtain or getting alot of free stuff it’s because they are going down


Bankrupt? Doubt it, they are backed by Tencent.