Open letter to PG


+1. I’m nearing the 200 mark, and can clearly see the trend…


signed. because i dont want to see the game die. not even 1 year deep and in that year the way ive seen the game run doesnt look pretty.


This may seem trivial, but it cracks me up and annoys the hell out of me at the same time. It is in line with the discussion of scaling. I mean, why bother if the “awesome gifts” are either:

1 15 Minute Timer
2 Egg Tokens
3 Rubies


2 15 minute timers
4 Egg Tokens
6 Rubies

How does 3 on average qualify as “awesome”? I’m 6 or 7 months in and now need 200k++ Egg Tokens to breed dragons. Why the hell would I want 4 more? That is just insulting!!! Now, I realize that we receive this pittance because someone else bought a pack; therefore, it is free. But honestly, I’d rather get nothing. We can see when either 5 people buy a pack, or one of our bigs drops $500. Does it bother anyone else that the “love that is shared” is a slap in the face?

My rant is done. Thank you Warlord for laying this out. This is not the only game with the same struggle. I have quit 3 games for the very same reason. This game would just add the pile. Hopefully someone at PG will read this, understand what is being brought to light, and share it with the decision makers.


This post speaks for all of us I think.


I agree.
I will reiterate my main points from the boycott post.

  1. PG need a proper user group process. These forum can be hard to pick priority issue from the mass of noise and squeaky wheels. A proper validation of requests and effect of changes by a range of levels of experienced players is needed.
  2. PG need a proper release environment with full regression testing.

Other things noted here: Is it time for a proper boycott?


100% agree


@Warlord i agree with everything and would take it a step further to add better personal rewards to events that are scaled where D1 gets highest and it scales down each sub league. (though id put this on the back end of the priority list).

Great letter!


Very nice and well thought out.


Not at all. A lot of these points are already being discussed, and we’re moving forward with some initiatives to garner direct feedback from your peers for how to approach some of these balancing challenges.


You guys discuss a lot… but what changes we do see are all poorly thought out… discussing that latest YouTube sensation doesn’t count as “discussing the issues” you know.

Editing so it get unflagged. Whomever flagged this Needs to chill. It wasn’t off topic. Sorry if you didn’t appreciate my critical outlook towards PG.


They can only act in the small corridor their management allows them. If the management wants a stupid decision done they can vote against it but at the end of the day they are employees and bound by instructions.

Management needs to see this letter and have someone who help them to understand this.

If not nothing will change bc only a small portion can be decided by employees.


Same old song and dance egg token. Is it better if I just email all of your VPs and directors instead? Maybe they will provide something with substance?


If those who are having these discussions (and presumably reading this forum) have zero decision making abilities and can’t influence change why do we care that they are discussing it then?


You should see the salary these people get just to have more discussions than my secretary.


It needs a Joseph who yells “stop” and smashes the door open of a decision maker. But we know how this ended.

At the end of the day it’s a risk for every tagged PG employee here but it’s for the greater sake of all of us



Give us one concrete reason we should believe anything you say. Just one.

I don’t necessarily mean that you’re lying to us. I just mean that we have no reason to believe you. Your company has lost all Faith with its customers.


I posted this in the other thread a few days ago…got no response.
I don’t necessarily believe that they actually showed the dev team and I want a response back from the devs. They need to consider the entire level group and not just one.


Completely agree with this post and hope they take the advice going forward… it would be nice to see the game progress this way.


I’m in full agreement changes have to be made


Great post and well put. Something needs to be done about the costs of old dragons for sure, paying 230k for the likes of icicle then 140k for noctua is stupid.
Even if they added a 25% discount to the previous tier after you have broken into the next tier and maybe 50% discount to the previous tier dragons after you have bred 2 dragons in the new tier would help.
Adding backbreeds or combo’s would be better though for example getting renard while breeding ferga so you can go straight into kyrule instead of paying 140k for the useless renard.