Open letter to PG


I held off sending right about same message this morning but to sum it all up, please listen to your player review. I only see this game going downhill if this spending crisis doesn’t stop. Most of us have families; and ppl to feed… well… to speak for myself who have 9 kids to feed, it’s tough playing a game I like, spending ridiculous tons of money to enjoy it and at the same time feeding my kids. As @Warlord mentioned above, this system is breeding a lot of cheaters but at the same time we can’t blame them thinking about it. If any of you @PGCrisis @PGDraco @PGReive @PGMichael or anyone can really confess they spend $100k plus on this game please let us know. I’m honestly done spending, and truthfully I can’t keep up with this investment which provides no returns.


I disagree the problem is that the pay out on the egg token missions


Thank you, @Warlord, for your letter. And thanks to those in support of it, as well!

As @PGEggToken mentioned, your thoughts will not go unheard. I haven’t been here long, so I know I don’t have the same kind of context that many of you have. That’s not going to stop me or other PG folks from trying to make waves of changes that will overall benefit Dragons players in the long run. We’re a lot of talk right now while we finalize new processes, but once they’re ready to see the light of day, we will communicate our actions to you all.

Our intent is always to do right by our players. I’ll continue to advocate for you here in the studio, and make sure your opinions are heard. The Dragons team is really digging in to processes, plans, and content that will benefit the game, the team, and the players.

Thanks again for your thoughtful responses. Constructive feedback is something we greatly value to make this game, and the game’s experience, better for everyone. :heart:

Is it time for a new higher tier league?



I just hope to see change… even way beyond what @warlod mentioned. Please put yourselves in every players shoes. Do not make your decisions only to favor us the big spenders… lol depends if I’m one anymore. But most of us are expecting to see a massive change with respect to spending… give us what our $100 is worth.


This game preys on “whales”, people who, whether they can afford to or not, put down thousands and thousands of dollars in the form of microtransactions. It is a problem with the game industry as a whole, not just WD. Though that doesn’t excuse them at all.
The greedy practices are spreading into other genres because the player bases are too complacent to resist it and there is little to no legislation in place to monitor it.
Its hard to move people to a cause that involves restraint, so I don’t know what the answer is, but I don’t see the problem with wd and $ being solved soon realistically.


Woah breaking news PG says your thoughts will not go unheard for a 3rd year in a row. They must really care and be working diligently…


Why are you talking about processes like a AAA game company? PG is a small company working on a tiny game yet act like you’re bungie working on Destiny 3. Here’s the process minions tell the big boss hey if we don’t do something quick we’re gonna lose a shit ton of paying players. This shouldn’t require endless meetings.

When you have players that has spent thousands saying something needs to change you know it’s bad. Not even isn’t this slow,and they’re in Russia.


@Warlord I’m in 100% agreement with your very courteous and correct assessment of this situation. Kudos


You are free to believe what you want to believe. I can only comment on what I know, and I know this: each day here I sit down at my computer and see players who want their voices heard, their experiences in the game improved, and who just want to know more about how things work so that they can become better at the game––and I help them to the best of my knowledge. What I cannot directly fix, I’ll pass onto those with the know-how to try. I can understand where this distrust is coming from the recent events around balancing, and this is a mistake that the entire team must own up to. For sure trust is more easily lost than gained. However, saying that the team as a whole “doesn’t listen” or “is lying” is flat out false. There are far more people here at PG that put in extra time each day working towards happier players than is being implied. Our community reps here like PGCrisis and Arelyna will continue to do the best we can to make your voices heard, and all we ask is to not let the negativity drown out the valid feedback––please keep it constructive.


After 3 years of playing every aspect of this game (except Diamond) I have to agree completely with Warlords assessment. I’m about to watch my 5k go the way of all hyperinflation and walk away while it burns. This used to be a place to unwind with friends while burning and pillaging my way to the top. Now it’s quite depressing to log in to my base destroyed, while defended, by drags that should never have even dared to cross my shores. I shouldn’t have to feel the frustration like I do on a job site correcting the mistakes that should never have happened for the umpteenth time in a row. (Umpteenth😂) Seriously though, this is supposed to be fun not a money maker for Asprin… I hope with all that is in me that you @PGEveryone take this seriously and restore the joy of the game. #POWERTOTHEPLAYER


I don’t think he knows the “whole team” but more he is say the action/solution that comes out as a result of the “whole team” is often not what was communicated and sometimes seems very manipulative. We do understand it is a business but often large issues are not addressed or when they are seemingly completely different actions are taken from what the majority of what would make sense from the Players side.

Not sure if you want to hear this but that negativity IS valid feedback, or part of it at least.


Believe it or not, I agree to a certain extent. It’s just a bit inefficient to have to parse through all those kind of posts to dig out the ones with presentable feedback to share with the rest of the team, wouldn’t you agree?


You are correct. I do not know what goes on in the office. I can only base things an what they look like.

That was not meant as a personal attack on you. I am sure that as frustrating as the past days have been for us as players, things have been far more hectic in the office.

It is certainly more productive to be solving problems than sending out updates every five minutes. I still think there is a general perception that whatever fix is coming will make things worse. It may not, but I believe many players feel this way.


I do…two things that will help, prevention (through discussion and prior communication) and mobility of response. There is probably a bit of a disconnect or lack of understanding but when mistakes are made that benefit the player base they seem fixed very quickly but looking at this moving forward.

Nobody seems to agree that the recent changes make sense…unless you are making bases super easy in an attempt to push the sale of 65 towers. Simply reverting to a previous tower level should not be too hard right? So the fact that it has not been done seems intentional. I get there is no “undo” button but still…when things reach this level a response/action needs to be faster.

Even part of the proposed timeline…new towers? That is a month away…things like this is what lead to even greater frustration and ultimately the seemingly toxic response.


#3 You’re referring to how the prizes for Plat 1-4 are all still the same? So teams have no real reason to advance beyond Plat 4 where they can sit and get first or near first every event. That would be a great addition so people aren’t essentially rewarded for staying small and beating up on the smaller teams.


I know I get frustrated with the game glitches and issues all the time. However, the more constructive the conversation we make on our complaints, the easier it is for the employees to get at the heart of what needs, should, or can be changed. Making accusations, name calling, or just stating how frustrated you are doesn’t progress the conversation or get a solution.
That being said, please @PGEggToken when receiving a thoughtful and reasonable set of changes for improving the game, update the sender on the progress of implementing the changes. That includes a negative response of being unable to implement the changes at this time with a simple explanation as to why. The “it is being discussed” line, then not ever hearing anything again is a major beef in every game, not just this one. We understand you cannot respond with an update to every post, but there are certain new threads like this topic started by Warlord that are so major, that they deserve a weekly update until resolved.
Thank you for your time and attention to this topic as players attempt to work with you to improve the game.


I can’t agree more to this post and many suggestions that have been put forward by all the players. From time and time again PG rolled out stuff that tells us they value only top line.

Instead of promoting activity they introduce mega coin. So activity does not really matter now. Just pop on and do a few mega coin hit. Energy pack and IF remains scarce even if we open numerous gold chest.

New tier release but no proper breeding information. Adding back breeding option in the middle of a breeding event but refuse to reimburse those who had gone for a less efficient path becoz of their poor planning.

Building - I wonder if at this rate. Maybe sometime in the future a tower may cost 365 days for upgrade. Or maybe less after you spent 500K~ tokens on research. It may come down to 255~days.

Atlas - this is the only game where beta players are required to spend and eventually the so called Beta is rolled out to the rest of the players where they have to SPEND more to catch up with the beta players

I feel like a broken recorder as this isn’t the first time these were brought up. No improvement and it just south.

I’ve been playing this game for more than 3 years and I see people quiting the game on a regular basis because they simply cannot keep up with this game. Quite frankly I not sure anyone with the right frame of mind should be spending this much of money on a game like this. Capitalising on individuals competitiveness spirit has led us to this stage and it is our own decision but this is no sustainable.

I wonder if PG will be playing this game if they have to pay as much as we do for it… Well that’s a hypothetical question and it’s irrelevant. :man_shrugging:

It will be interesting to see if PG will actually take away something from this post and implement it. time will tel…


Have you ever tried to fill out a survey form or a vote that how much people are happy with you all ?? I mean start an open vote on forums and lets see how many percentage of your player are atleast ok with all these decisions.


I’ve played for 3 years and used to enjoy the game. I’ve since become so disenfranchised by this game that I ask my team to replace me because I can barely stand to log in and do mindless things for no reward. I was at one point on the cutting edge of dragons, I once had a base that could actually kill a dragon every now again. But with PG’s insistence on only catering to mega whales and extending a one fingered salute to everyone else, I have given up all hope that the game will improve .

It’s been 3 Years of empty and broken promises. Years of cramming content down the throats of the players when they weren’t ready for it, all in an effort to meet some fiscal target. Well, congratulations! It was said in an article at the launch of this game that PG was targeting hard core gamers. If i had known that translated into extremely wealthy, stupid, or both I supposed i might not have ever started.

I’m no economics major so maybe PG does doesn’t make any money off the low to mid level spenders. Those that drop a hundo every couple of months of get a $20 or $50 pack here and there. It certainly seems like they couldn’t give fiddlers fornication about those members of the community from what i have seen.

The key problem for me is there is no value in your content or at least not commensurate with the cost that is expected of one to pay. Sure when there is some milestone that is close it might tempt people to spend a little to make that next milestone and get that magical whatever but in this game the cost of everything increases exponentially and there is nothing to help the non spender to moderate spender feel like they can keep up.

This game has become like a swimmer chasing a speed boat across the ocean. Sure you will try to swim after the boat for a short time until you realize that it is a futile effort that is completely unattainable so you turn around swim back to the shore and say meh…forget that war dragons speedboat. It isn’t worth my time or money.

Its the same story everyday. Well i was half a tier behind then the new tier was released and i fell behind then another was released a few months later and i was a full tier behind then another and i was two behind then another one and i was three behind.

Despite how wonderful campuslifer thinks that mechanic is, it doesn’t work for me. I don’t enjoy playing a game for three years then feeling like I have to spend thousands to ten of thousands to maybe stay somewhat relevant or languish in irrelevance as I go down from diamond 1 to diamond 2 and so on and so forth because i can’t really keep up or really be of any significant use to my team. So you leave your long time friends and go in search of a team in a league somewhere you can actually be relevant on alone.

Seriously though, why would i want to pay hundreds of dollars for a single dragon that will instantly die with one hit of a dark flack tower. Especially when i know that in 3 to 6 months that dragon will be completely obsolete and that’s assuming i was only on the last year model dragon. Sadly, I feel like I’m running around in late model ford pinto.

So that’s my Rant. I support the OP’s comments and agree wholeheartedly. The only difference is that i no longer care about the outcome. Sell it, burn it, ruin it worse that you have already. I don’t really care. It’s not worth my time anymore.

I have stayed because of the community not because of the boring and monotonous grindy events that happen every weekend and consume one’s social life. But i can still talk to all my friends in LINE which has a superior chat platform anyway. I guess i don’t really need the War Dragons app anymore.

Have fun ruining the game for everyone.