Open letter to PG


Totally Agree. Especially the rewards base on lvls and any rewards base.
Even the making of base important.


Agreed :+1:


Some GREAT ideas here! The Spirit behind the ideas is even MORE important!!


I’ll stand by you


Agree with warlord on everything except the 333/357 cap they are Wayy too high. Not for D1 but if all D1 officers are being be honest. The number of new applicants has increased a lot. People that’s were once loyal to D2 teams are being forced to leave a great team because the VAST majority of the players cannot keep up.

This mean that sapphire etc isn’t probably a lot worse off. Teams are disbanding @pgeggtoken. It’s a business and I’d love to give pg $700+ dollars for neptuse and all that. If I have to pay 8,000 just to be able to lvl it then no way. We all want pg to make money. Your pressings too hard, and it is breaking the game.

There were those that’s were willing to pay the 8,000 because I can appreciate I’m not the biggest spender and I’m never going to be. The issue is further exastrabated because the bases got nerfed soo SOO hard that’s It utterly useless to invest into a base.



Good morning!

I don’t pipe up often in these forums, but the community has been crying out for these changes for a long time so I figured I’d post for a change. Please do take this seriously.

We understand that you’re trying to keep the game interesting for those at the top, but those of us who aren’t there can never get there without dropping some serious coin on this game. There must be a way of balancing this. These suggestions would go a long way to broaching that gap.


I like this the most. Why not get a few long time, high level players to advice you a little. You said that the developers don’t have high level accounts, maybe that’s part of the gap between long time players and PG.

Make something like your CF club :woman_shrugging:t3:


so do you pick and choose what is relevant feedback @pgeggtoken
i agree with panda that negative feedback is still feedback, unfortunately 95% of the feedback you recieve is nevative… so why pick and choose, read everything, you guys must have enough time you can spare if you stop these stupid ‘discussions eith the team’ that never seem to end in actual player benefit.

does that in itself not tell you your direction and decisions are wrong when most of the player base are so disgruntled and disheartened by your actions.


Can’t agree more with warlord, as one who used to invest and love the game it has gotten so out of hand and insane that I cut my spending to minimal. Having been in retail and wholesale industry most of mylife I can verify it’s better to make less off the 80% than milking the 20% for profit. From what I see and hear daily Your 80% is eroding rapidly and y’all are killing a golden goose. It’s an excellent game and I can’t believe that someone doesn’t have the business sense to increase player satisfaction and provide value to the broader base of players that would spend if it was worth it. After all it’s not like you have to own a factory somewhere physically mining rubies, etc. Hope the decision makers come tomorrow their senses


Agree totally- you have my support on this


I completely agree and support this letter


I’m in complete Agreement with this.


This statement reflects a major disconnect in the company. The whole team should be actively monitoring the forums to stay in touch with the customer base at some point during the week.


I genuinely feel sorry for @PGEggToken and @PGCrisis and the others whose job it is to come here and deal with all the negative feedback, relay and advocate for the players as best they can given their company roles and then get dumped all over again whether the feedback is acted upon by the development team or not.


It is unfortunate that the people who most directly interface with the players (in most games, not just WD) rarely have the ability or authority to bring about changes.

We can hope they are accurately conveying our concerns to those who can effect changes.


@PGCrisis should just own it at this point and change her name to @PGMeatshield*…

  • Your title is named War Dragons, War terminology should not be flagged:
    …is a military and political term describing the deliberate placement of non-combatants in or around combat targets to deter the enemy from attacking these combat targets.

Clearly his was meant as her putting herself in harms way as a buffer between us and PG. But go ahead millenials, I guess I am just calling her “meat” for no reason.


I think that you’re misinterpreting what feedback is. There are two types of it there’s is constructive criticism which I think is what you’re talking about as feedback.

Then there’s what you’re calling negativity which is in some ways the more important feedback about the perception players have of your company.

Both parts of this are important your players think the employees are lazy/incompetent. This means when they encounter problems they’re more likely to quit because they believe that their concerns won’t be listened to.

Fixing the content long term is hard and will take time. However starting meaningful transparent engagement with the players is easy to start doing. Being told by support unlucky that you upgraded a tower based on our release notes then we changed it back but you’ve wasted your embers and can’t have them back makes it unlikely we trust you.


@KethRilynn well said ; one thing @Warlord forgot to add is the amount of time we all put into game yet very less rewards. If we are to calculate how much time we put into the game defending wars, and even playing it’s extremely ridiculous. Well, that’s a players preference but come to think of it, it feels like a “job” really… only difference is we don’t get paid; but we pay ridiculous amount of money… so please tell us, are we supposed to invest all our pay check into this game before you all realize the money :yen: aspect of this game is killing us over time (time investment isn’t factored yet) @PGCrisis @Arelyna @PGEggToken @PGDave @pgEcho
Shouldn’t it be okay to give grinders what is worth? Now I’m thinking for all those who spent maybe how about this? it’s about time I claim a w-2 form from pg cos I really need to file taxes since most of my hard earned cash gets in here. No joke! I need some form of return at least for what it’s worth give us what equal to how much time we invest on the game.
Consider new people who may want to start playing… they all quit because of the overbearing costs.


Time is precious and right now I’m wasting it again due to points not counting.

PG we have work to do.


Indeed. Time is the most precious.

No one wishes for more money when they find out they are dying.