Open letter to PG


I agree. Another thing that needs to be changed is the way wars are scored. Teams attack ones that have fewer players just to be able to get extra points. Give them all the extra points? Make is so the number of attacks are even on the two teams. If one team has 45 and the other has 30, only 30 attacks can happen. Base the winning on that.


Recruit more people and fill your team . I know it’s hard to do with people quitting left and right but it is still possible.


Spot on Warlord​:heart:️:hugs::heart:️ Great post :+1:t3:. I hope the suits at PG listen. The way that the leadership at PG makes decisions reminds me of the management of several jobs I have had. Someone sitting in a chair looking at numbers. Someone who is not in touch and doesn’t have a good system for reasoning through and analyzing the impact of decisions made while looking at spreadsheets. The folks making decisions and implementing changes may benefit from cognitive therapy. They seem to be lacking executive function and basic problem solving abilities :wink:


Thabk you for such a concise and well thoughtout letter. I second what you said :clinking_glasses:


Very well articulated but I believe PG will hardly do anything to cut their profit because they are doing things to maximise profit and not touch anything that continues to generate profit at the expense of the players. Unless they are on the verge of pissing the whole community off, there is no way they will do anything about it and it looks like we need another wave of comments to get them to listen or should I say hope for a miracle that they for once uphold their claim to do things for customer satisfaction without us forcing them to listen and fix things according to what you have mentioned.


I agree whole heartedly with warlord’s recommendations!!!


I’m happy you are at least thinking of ideas, but this is a horrible one regarding wars.

What would happen is teams could recruit 30 very active players easier than 31-50. Heck, you could even have 10 top level players be at the top of the rankings if this system was in affect.

Again, at least brainstorming is a great thing :slight_smile:


for all the changes I am ok.
as for the different discussions on the sapphire dragons I’m not ok.
the requested tokens are certainly high but if the players get involved they will get there. always easier. I play since the beginning of the game and I’m at Harbinger …
Stop asking to have bos dragons on a tray … think of those who have spent years!


Why do you really care if some people get sapphire easier than we did? Garnet and emerald too. Those dragons are irrelevant to us. We got over that wall because it was worth it to us. we also spent for it. Truth is breeding those dragons arn’t worth the tokens they once were (Hau being the 1 exception). I also dont expect players at that level to spend like we did. Hopefully they are spending a bit and not completely leaving that to us (those who have obsidians and Harbringers). But given that they are likely not spending what we did hitting sapphire is a WALL. progression stops. fun stops. they quit. This game needs more people leveling faster.

Im not sure about you but i didn’t start to spend significantly until i was CLOSE to the end. if i had to start today i would quit as soon as i hit sapphire and i never would have started to spend significant amounts. I got sucked in by wanting those dragons and knowing that if i did spent i would have some of the best dragons in the game. Now if they spend, they get a what? Nothing that is as significant as having the best. which is how they were priced (token wise).

Now i dont want to see them cost nothing, but it should be a slow and gradual climb towards end game content for the benefit of all.


the cost of dragons is up to the dragons …
What is not up to it are:

  • transfers (blocked at 229k)
  • the port ??? What is this building? a storage bank of individual resources would be more useful
  • the level of the farms … two weeks ago the 60 were indestructible … now it looks like farms lvl 40 …
  • the possibility to forge pack energy and inner fire …
    in short to stop proviliating the payers and return to the war dragon before.


Sorry i dont understand this response. we were talking about the scaling idea specifically weren’t we, and that you didn’t like the idea of making earlier tiers more easily accessible? Or did i miss understand you?

I agree there are other things that could be looked at as well.


Thank you for looking out for the little guy.


I find the level of the dragons to the height and their costs too …
I started the game, the gold dragons were the best …
New players want to access the biggest dragons right away …
This is the large number of divine dragons that ruin the game:

  • players pay to have a dragon with all the stones and want the dragons to access it.
    The game is falling apart since there are so many divine and especially accessible by all players …
    sorry for the little players but before there were almost no divine …


Yea having so many divines is A little crazy, but it’s a way for everyone to always have something to work towards. Especially during the sapphire and garnet walls. I also don’t see a way to change this. Only real way is to only offer two dragons. One legendary, one mythic. Instead of three dragons you could offer A dragon, a rider and a resource line inorder to get the mythic. However that kind of makes it more boring as part of the fun is deciding what dragon. The divines are also a way to appease lower levels since they are a long time away from the great lineage dragons. Perhaps they could be scaled back in earlier tiers. But then again it’s already annoying enough leveling them to usable levels once you’re in sapphires.

theres no perfect answer


Can’t wait until this letter is misinterpreted and some off-the-wall changes get implemented that nobody asked for. #timetofindanewgame


I’m a low lever player struggling in sapphire and I don’t want/need to go for the top tier as fast as possible. But having a sapphire now which is obsolete facing new towers(from that time and level limitation) and being it not that much cheaper from garnet and emerald… OMG! It’s just not a wall, it’s like a mountain platform, and it doesn’t make sense. Getting new dragons is awesome, that was what “got” me into WD. Breeding 1 dragon each 2 months? Not awesome…not even good


I disagree here. The game’s about teamwork as well. If you can’t keep your team together, you lose points. There’s a lot I’d like to see improved. This seems fair (although our team’s suffered under it as well).


with the breeding plan it’s easier than before. faster ? I took years. this is the problem the new players want everything now … really a shame … if they drop the dragoons I hope we / I would have compensation for the work done!


I don’t see anywhere in my previous post about wanting everything and fast… Once before, when sapphire was created it was planned to be a kind of super ultimate tier since the price in tolkens increased x4. If you hit it by then you would be fighting your way into the strongest tier so it made sense. Now there is garnet, emerald, and obsidian before you reach harbinger. What’s the logic? Is it sapphire where it starts to make an impact? Like I said, the fun in WD is to get new dragons, and 1 per month wouldn’t be too much of a charity would it? I don’t want to breed hau for 5k sigils but damn, at least 2 breeds out of one pairing or 40%less tokens. I wouldn’t have nothing against if you were credited with egg tokens.
And for the record, these breeding guides were created because of this problem, and not to get cheaper dragons, just not so much expensive. And sometimes it means skipping a possible good dragon like I will be missing apophet


Lord Pog, with all due respect, there is a difference when you are paying “full price” when you are on the leading edge of the game (by full price I mean waiting the original build times, etc…). It’s exciting then and you are on top, always getting the new content, with no one above you. You can spend and stay on top because you’re already there or almost there.
But when you come in now you’re so far from being helpful to your team that it seems hopeless. Almost every team in every league has a player with Harbingers already and there’s no point in spending because you will never catch up. It would be okay if you were actually making some progress to keep the game interesting, but to add salt to the wound, things have ground to a halt and you are only getting 1 dragon every 2 months. People aren’t asking to skip over all that and become equal to you in six months, they just want to see SOME forward momentum (quicker than 1 dragon every 2 months). Otherwise, they will get bored/discouraged and quit. That’s what we are trying to prevent.