Open letter to PG


Extremely well put!


To those who think the idea of scaling is merely low level players wanting dragons “now” when we had to spend and work for years to overcome that wall. You guys are very short sighted. This is a game. Progression needs to happen or people get bored and quit. We need new blood in this game and with the crazy rate of expansion even if these early tiers are heavily discounted they will still need to spend a crapload to catch up. This idea is for the betterment of the game. For us when these new tiers were released we had motivation to overcome it because it was “the best” and the end was in sight. Once we got those dragons we had the best, we ruled the skies… for them it’s just a wall and on the other side of that wall is another wall…

The idea of scaling isn’t so they can instantly have Harbringers. It’s so they can progress at a reasonable pace especially when behind by multiple tiers when a “wall” to slow their progression is no longer needed.


I’m curious to see if Apple is going to pull the game with all the refunds in the last two weeks


I am far from being at the top and I intend to stop maybe the game…me my problem is to see the huge amount of food needed to pass a level … I can not do it anymore and I have tired of asking … I do not understand why the resources are not more protected especially individually.
As for the dragons the pg’s have to stop their season from … and stop going out of the Divines simply.
an event by me is very good and a divine and a rider by season!
frankly it’s just what the …


Thanks for this @Warlord. I’ve long been saying that with the amazing power these season dragons have, building a good base has become next to impossible. Why even bother? It used to be that you could never solo a base 20+ levels higher than your own. Now it happens all the time. Towers should be balanced to make it HARDER for dragons to pass. If there’s no base you can’t defeat, where’s the fun? Where’s the challenge?


I sure would like to be able to get to level 63…


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I approach the game a little different than most. I look at the seasonal line and when we get to the point I can’t make it through a discounted line by the end of the season without spending, I’m done with this game.

To think when I first started I was able to get through a non discounted line and make significant progress through a discounted line. Now I can’t come close and I’m finishing in the top 5 usually in each of my teams events. Back then I was half the level I am now and didn’t even understand how to work an energy event.

Also the release of a new rider with 28 or so days left in the season is such a punk move. Sure some save all their sigils to the end but not most of us that need those shiny trinkets to progress through to the next event.

It is really sad that we do not have better player support.


I agree! I don’t see how releasing dragons and riders over weeks and months adds to the fun. It’s a mild form of torture, making a dragon decision, then regretting it at the end of the season. Not because of a mistake you made (and I’ve made enough) but rather because PG isn’t providing the information we need to make an informed decision.


What I want to know is, will I be getting refunds for the thousands of dollars spent on things that get discounted? End game bases and dragons should be rare and hard to get, and expensive. Everyone wants what I paid for without paying, and PG willing to do this devaluing my investment. So why should I spend? Why should anyone spend? Keep screwing over the people paying your salaries, way to go!!


No one is saying differently, unless you consider old tiers and levels as “end game”?

Old content might have been “end game” at the time you paid for it, but it’s not now. Why should we pay prices that were set for end game content while that content is no longer end game?


Nobody is asking for a harbinger (end-game discount). But you do have a good point. Why should anyone spend? When it costs what it does for nowhere remotely close to end-game content like sapphire tier. The game needs players, at this rate big spenders will quit at a higher rate than new players become big spenders. What happens then?


The game collapses :frowning:


I don’t know what you mean. You are not even close to endgame content.

Maybe rethink your personal spending behavior. And as it was pointed out this is about old content like sapphire and garnet. Plus corresponding old towers.


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Who said you have to play the game? Quitting is not so bad option. Dont spend money into this Rubbish.


Do you get a refund from apple for your old Ipad when you get a new one? You are paying to have the latest and greatest now rather than later. You are paying for that advantage over the other players. If it takes years and years for other players to be 2 steps behind then they will quit and you’ll be playing with yourself.


To be fair, that is not all he is saying. Towers are not what they were (or what they were advertised as). So, if Apple sold you an iPad, and then secretly released a forced software update that slowed the CPU, reduced battery life, and allowed only half the RAM to be used, do you think Apple would be “in trouble” (hint, something like this has happened).

So, it’s not only that you pay more (at least in real life) to get the best, but that regardless of what the best is at any point in time, the thing I got should not degrade, especially since it is virtual. (Obviously, physical objects degrade.)


This is absolutely true and I completely agree with that. That is not however what he is talking about.

Everyone wants the latest and greatest Ipad as well but that doesn’t always happen because they are more expensive. The older models go down in price as new models are released. This makes it so the newest model is usually around the same price point (hint not increasing exponentially each time a new one is released). So for the newer stuff people pay more for it because they want the latest and greatest. What doesn’t happen is apple give returns for the people that want to return the latest and greatest they bought last year because somebody else purchased it for less this year.

That is my point here based on the post that he made. Nothing to do with the cluster fuck that PG has created through putting out a bad product.


I see that it appears I misread what DarthDagger meant.

I agree with you–you pay a premium to be on the cutting edge. That should be true.

Now, if you don’t get what you paid for, or it gets changed, that is different. To stick with technology analogies, maybe you paid $1000-$1200 for an iPhone X this year. And you’re going to have the cool phone and everyone will be impressed (until you drop it). But next season rolls around, and now the iPhone X2 is available, for $1100-$1300 (or better, for the same as the X was last year), and now I can buy the iPhone X–the exact same phone you got a year ago–for like 60-70% what you paid for it.

This is the normal course of things. I think most players agree on this.