"open multiple" chest button

First off, to avoid complaints for any changes, I would put it as a third option and leave the open 1 and 10 options unchanged. It could use a GUI similar to training troops or using mystic fragments, displaying drop totals like atlas chests rather than individual drops (this is the part I think should remain unchanged for the other options).


I believe Galileo said in his office hours thread that they’re actively testing that feature right now


They’ve been working on this for… I don’t know… months? Not sure when it will be rolled out though.


Pretty sure it’s people have been asking for it for months, not they have been working on it for months.

It may have been in the queue, but that does not mean it was actively being worked on.

Edit: missed the word “sure”… didn’t read right without it


People have been asking it as long as chests have existed :joy_cat: just PG finally acknowledged it :smirk_cat: