Opened All Accidentally

Yes, I’m the foolish person who said “Yes” to Open All when he should have said “No.” In my defense, I was planning on opening about 500 chests ten at a time, so my mind was a little checked out. Anyway, since I opened 1,100 Silver Chests that I didn’t mean to, I’m fairly frustrated.

I checked with support, and got a “we cannot roll back chest opens,” response. I know people in the forums have said that they had better outcomes with accidental chest opening, so I was just wondering if there are any suggestions for getting a more helpful response. If not, I’ll just have to console myself with at least it was just Silver Chests…

Edit: PS Sorry if this is the wrong category. This is the category where I found someone with a similar problem.

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@Moderators the player already made a duplicate thread under suggestions so can you pleass kindly close this one?

And Tec, although this is a lovely idea. It has been brought up before even if the posts have been closed. So please kindly next time search the idea you have before making a post. And if you make a post, please only make one in the topic because making two at the same time is against the Code of Conduct :slight_smile:


After closer inspection, I will reopen the thread since it’s a similar subject but not exactly the same concern.

This is probably the reason it can’t be rolled back.

At least with the other chest types there is a limited number (although high) of resource types to consider whereas with silver chests you have so many variations of runes/glyphs.

It’s not as simple as okay person got
X sigils
Y embers

Let’s remove
X sigils
Y embers

And give them back their chests

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Maybe buy a couple packs in the shop and then PG might reverse the chests haha


They dont revert them anymore cause people were abusing this feature . For example u opening ur 1100 chests "accidentally " or not it changed your position in the sequence . However them getting back your drops and giving you back the 1100 chests didnt mean they would put you back in the position pre-opening , actually you’d have a new position . People figured this out and many were "accidentally " opening when they didnt like their drops , no wonder why PG created a " Are you sure you wanna open message " before actually opening that .


Personally, I believe reverting through support should only be allowed if there’s something wrong about the confirmation page (i.e. the confirmation page didn’t show up when clicking the “Open All” button, due to small button, big fingers problem)

Unless the user can reproduce the error I dont see how PG can prove it . It will be still a claim from the user

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The message is ok, but the bigger problem is the UX of the open all feature. Maybe start by changing the colour or/and preferably the position of that button, whether away from the other 2 or just further apart. Many options to do a better design. For me it would be better to have the chests images displayed in a smaller grid with a “open type chests” button, and when it clicked it would prompt a small window with 3 well differentiated buttons.

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Open all should come with a confirmation box where you have to type YES manually before using the feature. That way the liability will not be on PG since the user has to manually type it.


This makes sense, and makes me feel better about not being “rewound,” thank you!

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