Opening all the chests

I m writing because I would like to know why some players received the refund after accidentally opening all the gold chests and other not?
I did it last month and I used some rss since I opened the ticket (150 inner)
The point is before the opening I had 2000 inners , after 5500 so Iused rss that I already owned
Other players have been refunded but not me and I can t understand why there s this politic to be honest ! I provided ss of what I found but nothing !
Could you please tell me what you think and if someone had same issue? Th and

How did you know refund happened? Please let me know, might help me too. Thanks

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Support is always inconsistent, open a brand new ticket and try again, is what I did to get some rubies refunded long ago.

I had a 55 replies conversation where they tried to eat me with lies to not refund me a few rubies. I opened a new ticket and the new agent had issued my refund within the hour.

Granted that if you often ask for these sort of refunds than that’s abusing the system and they will deny you every time.

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My gf had the same issue last month, she opened accidentally all her golden chests.
Raised a ticket and asked to reverse this action, answer from agent was refund will happen the next day and „please don’t use any of the ressources cause otherwise the refund won’t be possible.“
She didn’t use any, refund worked very well.

If there was a similar advice in your case it was your fault, if not it was the fault of the agent.


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