Opening atlas chests

When you open ten chests. Sometimes it gives 2M, 900K,400K etc…
Some are wasted. It’s not our control. This should be free resources already. Can you save it as a gold pack?

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It is kinda in your control, just don’t open atlas chests if you don’t have room for a few million gold.

But then again, it does seem like a real simple fix for PG to use gold packs in chests instead of just gold drops, so I do think it’s a good suggestion.

Since it’s a personal resource I’d say a gold pack makes sense.

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Currently I can only hold 2.5M gold at my level… this flaw concerns us.
If you do the math. 2.1M + 900K +400K. That a waste of 1M gold.
Can you see the picture now? If you say it’s my control… I’m not buying chests one by one. It’s more expressive…

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Ah good point, with a 2.5m gold cap it’s a lot more annoying, you’d have to open them one by one, and be almost entirely empty.

I would never recommend anyone buy atlas chests though, it’s a terrible way to use diamonds. But I agree that if you do, you have to open per 10, and the problem gets worse.

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Gold packs would be nice but, honestly, you shouldn’t buy atlas chests with diamonds. Keep them for prime upgrades which are capped by your level

That, or use them to build troops to burn to get more season rewards. Or use them to speed up rider missions. Or even to transfer glory to primarchs. I think those are all better uses than buying atlas chests, last one maybe borderline so.

I also use them a lot to speed up primarks

I never understood why they didn’t change them to gold packs in the chests when they made the change to gold packs in the Atlas season lines.

I open some atlas chests when I’m just a bit short in shards and can’t farm it within the craft event window. But I agree there are better uses for Diamonds and it would be nice if we received gold packs instead of gold directly…

There’s a lot of debate in that. I think primarch upgrades are of high importance, but for people who can keep up with them and still accumulate lots of diamonds, Atlas chests are a pretty decent source of shards. Shards are really good, like really good, and with a half a chance of getting said shards, they add up fast. Granted this depends on how a players gear is coming and how many elements they are working in, but for people like me, who are working on 1 set of gear in 4 out of 5 elements, they can be fairly cost effective.

I find shards in chests pretty terrible actually. Maybe if you already max out every season and still need more shards, but there are not many people who need that many sets leveled each season. But if you’re not maxing season it’s much more efficient spending diamonds on that.

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I’m new to the game and we I already asked my teammates… we belong to the group that find it very useful to open the atlas chests. That’s how you get bullhorns, shards and gold… if you want to open the atlas event chest which is namely withermoon at the monent then they should go get glory in Aligane. Some like castle glory exchange but if you want to have fun and play a the game go to aligane. I find it more exiting and fun.

Hindi naka2-2wa sa alegane. Mas mganda pang mging pirata.

Like I already said, you get way more bullhorns, shards and gold from the atlas season lines. So unless you already finished all of those, it’s better to use those diamonds for troops to get glory to finish the season.

Na kuhako si Crom gamit ang Aligane ngayon na event. Atake tapas takbo… lol. Minsan natatalo sa Ataki kadalasan panalo.

Keep the war or fighting alive… what is lacking in there is categories…
some can fight 100+ level above their level depending on the towers building… I’m currently level85 but sometimes I can beat Level 200+.
That is why it is so fun. We build our bases and get our dragons…

Ka2tpos ko lng ng mythic defensive line ka2-pirata.

:+1: lol

Di pweding mamirata. resback nila whole team…

I will investigate more and will do the math…

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