Opening gold chests

I was wondering if you are more likely to get more timers from opening gold chests during a fortification event. Or would i be better off opening chests during a breeding event if that will generally get me more egg tokens. I don’t exactly care to get a ton of lumber packs but if i would end up getting a lot more timers than opening during another event, that is something worth taking into consideration.

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Fort gives the most (average-wise)

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Correct of course, but it’s only 15% more. I think pvp is generally a better time with 85% of the timers but also 250% egg tokens, and pvp goodies that allow for higher scores in events to earn back the timers.

When you need elemental embers fort is your only option. If you don’t need those I’d stick with pvp.


Search mech spread vault and let me know what you find


Thank you very much.

Off topic but if you ever get rid of this name, do let me know :eyes:

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