Opinion on being controlled

What is your opinion on other players controlling the way you play your game? For example, a team farms your team because a player associated with you attacks them multiple times in a couple days. An officer discusses with the farming team and comes to a diplomatic solution. Since I was a third party in this situation I had nothing to do with the farming other than being attacked myself. Am I in the wrong for revenge attacking after the diplomatic solution was reached?

Personally I think it’s a game and I can do what I want, but I’m not known to be sensitive to how other levels feel. So I would like to just get a general consensus on the matter. I lack empathy it might be a medical condition idk.

I guess if you don’t care about causing your leader more of a headache with messages from the other team, or don’t care about the possibility of being kicked.

It’s your…errrm…PG’s game that they are allowing you to participate in, you can do what you want as long as it doesn’t go against PG’s rules.

Thank you for your comment. :grinning:

Edit of course pgs game. :laughing:

If they’re raiding me continously, it means that they’re not playing the rest of the game - leveling dragons, getting lumber for buildings, etc. I don’t often revenge-attack someone who’s farming me, especially if it’s going to escalate the situation. I haven’t been in a situation like what you’ve described, though, but that’s my two cents.


I think each team and player has a different style.

Play how you want and with people you want. But don’t be surprised that teams have certain requirements that “control” you.

Personally, I think best to listen to the guidance provided by your particular teams officers. If you find how that their play style doesn’t match up with yours, find a team that does.

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Typically when dealing with farming, it isn’t about who started it, or who is right. It’s about making it stop so everyone can go back to living their lives.

By provoking the other team you’ll prolong the farming/revenge war making everyone’s lives more difficult. Most leaders, myself included would not be okay with that. Personally I’d warn you to stop and if you didn’t, I’d replace you with someone who isn’t going to create problems for the other 49 members of the team.

Also as general advice, be careful with revenge attacks. When players see 3 attacks from a single person, it looks like farming even if the players were unknowingly in a revenge war. You see the defense results, but there is no log of your attacks to se who started it.

Here is some advice for your situation, and any other crap you might get in the future,

Smile, listen, agree, and then do whatever the fuck you want…

Best of luck !

There’s always d^cks in this game. Just don’t be a d^ck yourself and keep enjoying the game!

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Just my opinion, but you have to let someone control you. People can be annoying and frustrating and even seem like you have no other choice, but you always do.

War dragons has some of the best anti-grieving of any game I’ve played. Really the worst youn do is to cause alerts/messages/battle reports. And you can block messages and chat. So as long as you can survive words nobody can make you do anything.

Sure if you make an alliance where you agree to terms you have to either follow them or face the consequences, but there is always a choice


i would slap them all the time i’m able to be online… the whole team rooster… but thats just my Point of View :blush:

I’ve always been a fan of provoking prolonged farming. The longer someone is hitting you, the less of the game they’re playing. The less progress they make. The less fun they have.

Why do people even care about farming? They waste resources and what do I lose? Lumber? Base shake? Food?
I get free medals if they lose…