Opinion on New “MYTHIC” Rider

In my opinion, not sure how others feel, I would make it to where you can change it from Ice to Fire or Earth, Wind whatever you want & not keep it at just one set Element. After all it’s a “Mythic” Rider make it stand out.

That way you can put him on any dragon & just swap The Gear Element without Unequpping the gear. Reworded

What do you all think??

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Riders have no element. Gear has element. :man_facepalming:


Hahahaha sorry i have to laugh at this. Your proposed idea is exactly how riders work :stuck_out_tongue:


I hope it has all shards on 1st page… that’s all you really need…

Wrong, Grogg is Dark, Kayla is Wind, Tor is Ice :man_shrugging:t2:Not talking about the gear

The gear is that, not the rider


:man_facepalming: why is kayla on my avyx then?

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I probably didn’t word it correctly

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you can put any rider on any dragon… ONLY the gear determine its element.

Smh. Sorry. You are wrong. A rider is neutral. The gear you put on it has the element.

No he’s right - the riders don’t have elements, the gear does. You can change grog/Kayla etc to other elements by changing their gear to atlas gear.

It is the gear…

But what if this rider had “Pure” armor (that is an existing damage type in the game already)? It could accomplish what the OP was going for.


rainbow pony armor


i doubt it. I am pretty sure it will just have high quality gear… which IS worth it. I just want to know what element it will be.

I wonder if it will be epic gear?

I wasn’t suggesting it would happen. Only proposing a way that it could happen.

If they did make a “universal” set of armor, I bet it’d be a much lower rarity than one that’s of a particular element.

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That’s what I mean make the gear changeable :blush::see_no_evil:without swapping it, I should reread before I post

I have all those riders. Tor is on Drakius (fire) and Kayla is on Anapa (dark).

The rider has no element. Only the gear does, and you can swap it at any time for 50 rubies apiece.

Does the swap actually work now? I have not tried recently. The last time I tried it, the piece I was replacing was destroyed. And no, I did not just equip a new piece over the old one. :slight_smile: