Opinions about PG’s rip off with this glyph branch

@PGGalileo bro you guys are insane. One week branch for 10k or whatever amount in sigils :joy: you definitely need to play this game. This is a huge rip off. This is ridiculous.


It’s not a ‘rip off’, the line isn’t actually bad. But poor timing, and it’s not a must have line, more of a ‘nice to have’ line.

Very pricey though for a key-less line, and only 1 week is too short for a 10k price point, but I personally wouldn’t go as far as calling the line a rip off.


Isn’t just 1 week a rip off hahahaha.
@FieryxFury you getting it? Pretty cheap uh.

Most limited branches are 1 week only

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10k banches?

I don’t care if is 2 days branch. But is time vs money. And definitely this is rip off

I’m getting it, yes, but I have the sigils to spare and love pampering my base - this line isn’t for everyone though imo

To be fair, I don’t think people would’ve complained as much about the time aspect of it if it weren’t for us being slammed by 20% boosted lines and the trading post right before it


It’s a completely optional branch. Get it if u want it, don’t if u don’t. There’s no reason to cry about it.


Of course it isn’t. I’m not saying it is. Can we compare previous limited branches cost and see what is wrong with this one. ?

Lol I’m not crying. Have I share any tears? . I’m just saying that is a total and absolutely out of proportion Branch for this time of the season

I made an analysis video about it compared to earlier limited stuff this season and lightly touching on the fact that the glyph last season had drastically worse contents (xp potions) for the same price.

It’s not a bad line, just badly timed, and too pricey for a key-less line for something that’s a bit of a luxury.


We are the ones that keep encouraging PG to come out with this ridiculous branches. Lol one week 10k for a glyph

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The cost and time limit are dumb but luckily it also isnt mandatory to get. Yes I’d like to see the cost lowered and for them to add a key but again you dont have to get it and it isnt game changing. It all comes down to demand. People wanted Exotic Glyphs so PG saw an opportunity to raise the costs. The only way to do anything about that is for people not to claim it but that wont happen. People will huff and puff about it and then will still go for it



Depends on the person, I much rather xp potions to rune dust and chisels. I actually had to spend 24m rune dust on random runes to make space for this since the max you can hold is 100m. I also rarely use chisels so almost every price before the glyph is not useful to me.

That said, I’m still getting glyph even if the prices before it are useless to me.

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Summary of opinions I have seen across team chat, league chat, creators faction, respondents to cf content and my own views too:

Customers: we want base glyphs! We have been asking for ages! We will pay!
Pg: they reeeeally want this,ok let’s make it a premium cost

  • Glyph is decent and is released
    Customers: damn, bad timing after such a goood trading post, I spent a lot of sigils on those deals Because some were good! I cannot afford it at this point (or) wow they’ve finally done it but damn that cost is just way too high, especially as most people prioritise their mythic dragon over base boosts

X - good deals can be under subscribed due to pricing and timing
Y - community feedback should be considered in order to better tactically deploy (timing in the season (see Marketing’s “hierarchy of need” principles)) such branches. This was a “value add” branch which has been perceived as expensive and - as without keys - even more so. Customer views should be considered Before tactical deployments in order to better fulfil strategic PG objectives.
Z - more customers spend their resources on PG projects leading to better PG KPI success and also increased customer satisfaction.

Great to see the glyph- shame it’s so expensive,without keys and at a time when most customers have spent their resources on the trading post. Onwards and upwards.


Is like the want just a small number or players to spend a lot for something instead of the majority spending less for same price. Gaining for sure way more income.

Just wanted to say I love your accent and soothing voice.

On topic, it’s worth the sigils if you are still going to get a mythic anyways which everyone should know how to do by now.


She’s a PG apologist. Not worth your time arguing with her

She doesn’t think they’re idiots who don’t know what they’re doing, but rather a competent company that cares.