Opinions about PG’s rip off with this glyph branch

And that’s her impression. Definitely not the same impression I have formed over the years, but especially a decline in player happiness the last 2 years

I definitely think they are a rip off. 1st PG added Exotic runes to the seasons at around 5k sigils. This was high but worth it. Later they added a key at the end that gave it more value.
In the mean time, the community asked for glyphs cause they are a little more rare and have 3 spots on a island vs 2 runes.

So PG with their greed :money_mouth_face: decided to double the price for the glyphs and take out the key. Isn’t that lovely.

Why not just keep it same as the runes at 5k? :thinking:



You dont have to get the “optional” line you know lol stop whining :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I really fell the same as always about the ever increasing regularity and cost of these lines as I have the past few seasons…they will increase in frequency and price (Sigils) as more and more people quit and/or quit spending.

I do understand that PG is not in the business to give us “free shit”, but what they should come to terms with is if they sell their digital goods at a realistic price , their customers will be retained at a much higher rate.

Instead they focus on ways to bleed the remaining spenders while many others quit or at least quit spending due to the staleness of the game, the many glitches, hacks and bugs, all while the focus is on making the game more and more costly


Who are you referring this comment to?

Ps. If you want to be competitive in this game ie. Lvl 400 to endgame, this is an extremely beneficial glyph to get

Thank you! :star_struck::heart::hugs:

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It seems like you’re crying about it. Whilst you may not be literally shedding a tear, anyone reading through the above thread can clearly see you’re having a bit of a moan/whinge/tantrum.

As said above, if it’s too expensive for you don’t get it. Simples.

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Nobody making you spend your sigils how is this a rip off? Until you take up a class in business you will understand how a business model works if you saved your sigils if your not going for a mythic that’s all on you because you didn’t have the financial literacy to be patient and save sigils I’m going for a mythic just need 3 more keys yes I would like the rune but I have financial literacy and will not let nothing block my main goal

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Untill you go to law school, you will not understand how a counter argument works. Because nothing you have just said counters the fact the line is overpriced (“rip off”).


Yeah it’s overpriced, yeah it comes along at a time when most people have been spending but it’s not for everyone. If you want it, buy it, if not move on.

Personally I saved up for the branch in case it was decent, spent some on trading post as that was reasonable for some stuff and then got the glyph, am I happy, yep, it looks nice on my base :slight_smile:

And I will still get a mythic end of seasn with no real hard work, down to a bit of planning.


Just leaving this here


Yup. Exactly my sentiment. For what you get its not overpriced. The fact its only 1 week, straight after doubke boosted lines and trading post, makes it “overpriced”. Using that term in the sense that, it prices a lot of players out of being able to get it (e2p and f2p) unless they planned ahead and saved a load of sigils.
I did save a load as I always do, to accommodate any suprise lines. However, didnt save enough and fell short so had to open the 40 plat chests I had saved for next season. Not a big deal, it is what it is.

In a way I’m glad they didn’t add a key, as if they did, many would have felt even more angry that they couldn’t afford it. Wheras, its now just a get it or not type line, nice to have but not game changing.

They could have held off a week or 2 or could have made it a 2 week line, but it is what it is.

I’d much rather have good items available like trading post and this line rather than a load of rubbish. Just means players will have to grind a bit harder for bronze chests if they want it, or skip if they don’t.


They could have. But if they had, they wouldn’t have made you do this

Which was the whole point


Of course it was. Hence why they also have the 5k sigils for £92.99 available in the shop.

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Many players are still accumulating the keys to mythical. This branch could be available for the end of the season.

At the end of the day its a business. And what they have done, is great business strategy.
You want it, you either pay, grind, or open those saved chests. Meaning next season you have less of a good start.

Edit: we all want the gane to have longevity. And for that, it needs to earn money.


Meaning you are more likely to spend money if they release 1, or 2 great mythics


Let me do some math here.
Let’s say the cost of the glyph is $500 and 250 players will get it because they simply can afford the rip off. So that is $125000 great amount right.
Now let’s say the cost is $250 and 2000 players gets it so how much is it $500000. So clearly whoever did this ridiculous branch didn’t think that Lower the price means more income because more will pay for it.

$125k is still better than $0, just saying.


Of course but could be more if they want to :joy:.