Opinions and thoughts on the new portrait

What do u guys think of the upcoming new portrait? His name is Makduil which seems pretty cool to me. He should have three portraits with a final animated one as well. His first portrait depicts him sitting on a tree branch with a bear skin and some grey pants. He has a staff on his back with a green gemstone on its head. Makduil also has a white colored beard and mustache, his eyes are also glowing with a green color. Makduil’s second portrait has him with more gemstones and lockets on his body. His bear skin seems to have changed to a deer skin coat. He also has two braids along his beard and mustache while his eyes are still green. In his final portrait, Makduil’s beard, unlike the former portraits is now very untidy. He is now covered with gems and lockets including one blue gem on the deer skin’s head. He now has a red eye patch while his once green eye has now turned white. Tell me what u guys think of this new portrait.

P.S. This is my first BIG topic so don’t be to picky.

He’s not the rider, he’s just the portrait.

Makduil is a portrait - you’ve even posted images of the 3 stages of it.
The new rider is Terris, Veteran Dragon Rider with Fire Gear

Here’s the rider:


He’s not even the portrait of the rider :man_facepalming:

ugh srry i got him mixed up

PG have just recycled the Arborius Knight from Spring '17

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thx i got a little confused :sweat:

I will say though that it’s a very cool portrait - nice to get a great male portrait, it’s been a while and I’ve been envious of all the awesome female ones.

I think they said in the stream they were going to make riders out of a bunch of old portraits - much like they did with Kayla.

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This forum reminds me of sharks roaming the waters and incorrect posts are the chum :cut_of_meat: :shark:


He’s spring time Santa imo

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