Opinions on dragons

would like to hear people’s opinions on this seasons dragons. Trying to decide which to go for besides Haku. Already got him to garnet. Want another dragon.

Would you be able to finish a line? What tier are you in? What league?

What is your goal by the end of the season?

If a mythic, then finish haku and 2 more branches that gives you the coins for the mythic. (You might have to spend a little $)

If just a legendary that you’ll use for awhile, then sakura. (May need to learn how to fly hunters)

If you’re trying to pile up egg tokens for breeding and if you still haven’t already got +100%, go for that in token boost branch and start farming for tokens.

Those are all I can suggest with the limited info provided. :zipper_mouth_face:

There is a thread on this - Kaiji vs Haku vs Goda vs Sakura

And your last one was on the same topic, closed with same reference. What’s the point?

@moderators, please help.

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