Opinions on Nollaig/Help Picking

So, some of you may have seen I’ve been floating around looking for answers/opinions on which seasonal dragon to grab.

Well now I’m stuck between Fomhar and Nollaig. I’m currently a level 64 with 829k attack power (boosted), but I like to have my dragons strong enough to not have to use 2 or 3 to run through a base. Currently in my top 3 I have (in order) Gargula, Kinnarus, & Equestor. Gargula has terrible health, so he doesn’t even get brought out hardly ever, unless I want to play with his variety of spells. Kinnarus and Equestor have both proven to be able to take out bases twice their strength. Equestor who’s at 250k attack power took out a 612k base before. Maybe my expectations are just super high and that’s why I’m having a hard time deciding, but any opinions help.

Anyone have Nollaig? My last 3 warriors I had that I really enjoyed were Zamrok, Sage, & Abraxxas. I’m not a fan of Amarok or Danzig. I feel I have leveled them so much & they’re still only hanging around 40k not boosted. Their health is fantastic tho.

I also don’t like the fact hunters have such terrible health, but have heard they are technically the best out of the 3.

Thanks in advance!

So there are multiple topics on this, and a search could have told you that:

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I’d advice to go Fomhar. You already have two excellent sweepers for easier/undefended bases in Equestor and Kinnarus, no need to add a third. While Fomhar, as a proper hunter, will let you learn how to fly cloaking hunters (once you get to base level 84 at least) and eventually be much better for tackling those hard based.

The low health is really not an issue (and barely lower than sorcerers), because the trick with hunters is you evade a lot of damage. The reason Gargula is considered a very bad hunter is that he doesn’t have a cloak or similar way to avoid damage. If you fly a hunter like a warrior, just spamming attacks, they will die quickly for sure.

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I guess maybe I don’t know how to fly hunters very well. Poor Gargula can barely take a base half his strength lol. I can’t back people on runs with him if we’re trying to accomplish 5 flames.

I guess my other issue is I want to be able to fly a dragon head first into the base without having to evade. Of course, I always knock out mages/flaks first but it feels (with Gargula at least) that I can barely knock anything out without dying first

Nah that’s not on you, Gargula can’t cloak or shield, so he will die a lot. Ettin is a good one to practice with, once you get him leveled to den cap he should take out some pretty heavy bases.

Multi-finger tapping can also help a bit, but it’s mostly about taking out blue mages, cloak, when ammo is back take out the rest, heal. Ettin has all the spells needed for that tactic (and so does Fomhar once he hits lvl 10).

I have Ettin currently. Level 12 breedable 62k attack power. He’s still not as strong as my divine sorcerers tho lol

I’ve read both of those. The second one is really no help at all

Fomhar all the way. For a different perspective a big part of my team, myself included, just swapped last week for him. He’s the best since necryx

Who did you swap? Necryx?

From what I am reading, I say go for Nollaig. I think Fomhar is a way better dragon but not all people do well with hunters, and Fomhar requires some skill. There is someone in my team that still does not use necryx because he says he sucks at it (and he has unlocked all spells for him).
Or you can practice with Ettin, if you get a hold of him then consider Fomhar, otherwise not.

Do you believe either dragons are a 1 dragon only type dragon or do you think they’re both unable to finish a base alone?

3 keys for hunters

Cloak spell
Hunter energy aka Ammunition usage/management
Reading base before attack

On side note, Nollaig is good warrior


I am lv 102, breeding Platinum Legendary these days > Plat evolution for divines.

I chose Nollaig and bound Oksana to him. I didn’t regret. This monstrum is my strongest dragon, and it can take Manaman808 base easily (lvl 150).
Rare Wisdom
Leg. Winter’s Breath
Rare Wisdom glyph (will be swapped for the mythic WB)
Common Rage Glyph
Rare rage glyph

Both can finish a base alone, more so Fomhar, but also requires more skill and as XG1 said, with hunters it helps a lot if you read the base before attack, so you already know what towers your are taking out first or disabling on each island and what towers to watch out for.

No, necryx is my one unswapable :joy: I swapped aibrean on emerald and will see later on season if I can finish him. A few swapped also from him and some others from nollaig. As many said fomhar required skill but if you dedicate he’ll be one “unswapable” as well. Just my opinion.

Man, tough choices :joy: what’s hard is everybody has their own opinion (which I appreciate) but it makes me so torn lol

I know the feeling :joy: When you start to fly hunters better it will get easier to see a good one when he appears. That fomhar is “the” dragon of this season I’m sure

Sounds like you already have your mind made up on Nollaig.

Hunters are inherently more difficult to fly well, but when you do, they are much more rewarding (in general). Gargula has extract essence, which in my opinion, compounds the learning curve for hunters - you need to have good fundamentals before you try to add in planning which towers will give you which spells.

Fomhar isn’t an easy dragon to fly, and you have a while before you reach a point where warriors start to become obsolete. I say, based on the play style you described, you will enjoy Nollaig more than Fomhar.

That said, I personally believe Fomhar is a better dragon in general.

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I want to say your post helped me, but now I’m even more confused :joy: lol

What level will warriors become obsolete? I saw a level 500+ with Leos

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