Opinions on spring season dragons?

What are your opinions? Thinking of getting discount hunter as far as I can.

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Maybe post here or in any of the countless other threads.
Also there is no official info out yet so it’s too soon to make an educated decision.


Basically look like trash dragons… but know telling until we see them fly


I’ll disagree with you based off the info we have right now. But like you said stats will decide it.

If the spells work as I expect then we potentially have some reasonable dragons

What tier dragon are you in?

Platinum. One step from saphire

Could be also the reason for the difference of opinion. I’m in harbinger

Maybe. But just remember everyone thought avyx was bad at the start

I still don’t like avyx at my lvl


Fair enough. He may not be for everyone but he surprised a lot of people with how good he was.

We will see but I think we may be writing them off early. I’m not saying they are the next neptus or hau but I think they will be reasonable

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Well if your harbinger, then of course obsidian mythic will be weak.


Skills were just released by the CF on social media.

I have to say both the hunter and the warrior look pretty decent to me with these.

Can anyone tell me more details about flash? I heard it has a 4.25s duration. Does it have any cooldown between casts?

It seems like

chaos -> kill blue -> flash before supershots hit -> kill red -> renewal -> kill others

would be pretty much rage-neutral and sustainable.

Storm shields blue, Dark Flak stuns you, mages hit you, you‘re dead :joy:


Well yeah but no more than any cloak hunter, need to take those out before you can cloak or flash. Still seems easier to do with chaos than with talon strike.

Well, not saying it‘s easy with Talon, although cheap in rage. I wouldn‘t use Avyx or Aibrean as a lead.

I would if the towers are within tier. You can take out blue before storm shield can reach it if you chaos from the turn.


There’s a 3 second cooldown that’s not reset by blues (kinda like sacrifice cd).

Makes sense if you have better options. I’m still in gold tier and missed out on Necryx, so for me Aibrean seems like a solid lead. I’m guessing that might change around sapphire mythics.
I’ll likely get him with a platinum stone at least with the discount, to be my low level lead, and see what the high level guys think once they have him before getting the rest of the stones.

Solid strat, but I think you’ll prolly wanna target ice>storms first before red. You can always renewal on monuments regardless of whether red is up or not.

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