Opposing Team in a War Showing up as a non-War attack


@PGJared how is it that 30 minutes into a war two members from the opposing team can attack my base, which I successfully defend, yet about a minute after their attack I check the war status I see my base with 4 flames from the Leader of the run I just defended but solo and the one I just defended shows up as a regular non-War attack with a Victory? I know they were doing a large wave, but I caught the first banner (if multiples on my base) and the player that showed up as getting 4 flames was the same player that was attacking me with a backup and failed. Can’t be 2 places at once and how can any war run show up as a regular run, showing Victory, and awarding a few rubies?


I can explain some of it

Attack in war: Leader and wing, you defend; as the dragons switch, the leader leaves and immediately re-attacks you (while the other attack is still ongoing).

This would be his 4 flames solo attack.

Don’t think replays can show difference between war and non-war attack (at least I haven’t seen a difference on my side).


…and this is a legit tactic?


Why not? He saw defenders and bailed then reattacked. He could have been defended again but he got lucky and slipped in undefended.


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