Optimal layout for Ice Flak and Fire Flak

I try to be brief as possible. So, in your opinion, what would be the optimal combination of five attack/defense towers containing Ice Flak or Fire Flak?
I’ve seen plenty of configurations in various bases, but I think it would be interesting to have tactical discussion on this subject.
Personally I haven’t enough experience to talk in detail about this, which is why I ask the opinion of more experienced players.

Thank you for your time.

They perform different role so which one do you prefer or do you want both?

If you have both there’s no protection for your dark flak (I’m assuming it is still part of your front 5). If you want protection then you could maybe sacrifice a blue mage assuming you also have a rage drain up front. Your ice flak can disable any equipped shields.

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If id have the rss to build em, i say i put em on back of mid long isle, both of em.cuz range is awsome, All players has their own preference of base.

Only downside of flaks is u cant boost em with runes. :man_shrugging:t3:

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In fact, I was thinking of using them separately in two distinct groups. As I did with Dark Flak (blue, Flak - red - storm, ice turret).
Also thought to put them together - Fire flak, cannon - red - storm, ice flak.

Are you thinking to put both of them in a group of five? Then which would be the optimal other three towers? Maybe blue, red and storm or in place of storm a Fire turret, archers or cannon (perhaps trebuchet)?


Works the best

Ice better on longer islands


I’ll haven’t room for the sixth tower. :thinking: Assuming I have to leave aside either the blue or the storm.

Later edit: now we have five :+1: thanks


Except not fully with the ice turrets, i got 2 on my short island by home in one of my layouts and it seems to work decent. I can post.

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Pretty sure he means Ice Flak as mentioned by the OP, not Ice Turret.

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My opinion wouldnt change lol
Edit* actually it would…id have to agree its better in damage but it can help make drain island undodgeable by cloak, mystic winds, or similar… perch at 409k for now but will go up. So let them leave it if they want, ima throw swords on it while rage builds lol

Oh yeah i forgot to post clips

im testing this setup on Perch’s Island:
Ice Flak and Blue Mage behind
Red Mage in the center
Fire Flak + Dark Flak to the Red’s side.
Legendary warrior on Perch.
I know, no shields but its super aggressive…stil testing…Anyway, with 1 2 defender/s that spam boost and hammers, it s really effective.
something like this…52e80e822004711adad54c7c2e428c50b842be77_1_690x388

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Have u tried sorcerer for perch? +15% supershot which would be best for flaks. I had planned to test this as well but with sorcerer on perch.

Also, put red in middle and blue in back inside :slight_smile:
Red covers all towers and blue mage still blocks blue spells.

infact its. Just an old screenshot :wink:
anyway, i think HP boost (+15%) is better for this setup because there isnt a shield tower and I want to make those towers survive as long as possible.

I agree, i know how well storms work…i have 4-5 out at all times. From my experience the dark flak and fire flak are enough to decrease dependency on the storm towers shield. Plus with that ice flak u dont need that blue mage…so if u wanted u could swap that for storm. Personally id rather a high dps unit or ice turret for medium dps and protection instead of the blue mage.

  • the necessity for both blue and or storm there is about equal.

I just like to talk about it, even if someone told me this id have to test myself so i understand lol

Let me go ahead and post before i forget again.


That seems like a risky move.
Undefended the setup will be totally worthless, defended it requires supershots for the Ice Flak which could otherwise be used on the blue mage or double supershotting the Dark Flak.

Red mage for rage drain.

No blue spell will last long nor will it provide quick enough firepower to guarantee a towers destruction before stunned or having its damage reduced.

Undefended is already worthless.

White spells.

I haven’t tried it yet myself but I could imagine that this setup is really easy to dodge.
You could eventually dodge all supershots with just one Cloak, although I have to test if Cloak also dodges the Ice Flak supershot.

Nothing is full-proof, lemme know if u wanna skirmish with anything up to obsidian tier. I dont battle as much as i would like.

well, still think that blue mage is a must. Sand ice flak, invicibility shield, clock, havoc, flash etc. If a dragon cant use his spells, its just a dead dragon