Optimal, “Unbeatable” base idea (thoughts?)

Maxed out all flak kill island with electro in the middle, earth/ice in back…

Maxed out rage drain before that with another ice flak and either a cannon/storm/ice for shielded dragons/sanding/entrapping/white cloaking dragons/elemental resist dragons.

You won’t kill the rage drain. And then you will get annhilated when all the flaks interact with each other optimally/synergistically.

How do you beat it?

Just kill the ragedrain with a dragon that has adaptive resist. Get 4 rage up and let your backer kill the flaks with Hauhaset?

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Are we talking about Island 4-5 rage drain (10 mage) + Micro setup?

Noctua followed by Renard


Pathox will walk that base.
Ronin will walk that base.
Lusian will walk that base.
Fomhar will walk that base.

I’m sure there are more. :man_shrugging:

There’s a reason why you haven’t seen this setup before… :joy:


Or just take any old dragon and equip an old fashioned freeze, then burn the flaks down.

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If you have an ice flak, you don’t need the cannon to remove shields.

Blue mage towers are what keep flak cannons from being sanded by time shifted Hauheset.

Red mage towers are what keep islands from being annihilated by Southern Cross (and other red AOE spells).

The only thing that makes a base “unbeatable” is 3 defenders dropping hammers like they’re free.


Spell block, spell block, spell block, spell block :joy:

Exactly this. :arrow_up::arrow_up::arrow_up:

What blocks their spells?




wonders why OPs recruitment thread is always open


I can see this working, you should definatly build it.

Well this is intended to be a chat about best base layout, most unbeatable layout… in theory a rage drained dragon that is constantly spell blocked by an ice flak is useless…even hau, because he’d be rage drained. A discussion is all it’s meant to be…

My recruitment thread is open because we aren’t a sapphire+ team which is all people are looking for. It has absolutely nothing to do with this and I’ve already forgotten about it.

That’s only if ice flak can ss before it is destroyer or ss can hit the dragon.
Hau and noc can late stutter the island.
Anyone with white cloak can dodge the ss.
Dragons with entrap + adaptive can regen any rage lost.
Dragons with white damage spells can kill IF before it fires, as well as any mages hit.
Summon warrior can absorb red mage shots and IF ss.
Lots of ways to get around this setup. Prolly why it’s not very popular.

Why would I let a rage drain hit my Gunnar? Or my Sakura? Or my Pathox?

Because you happened to get cursed with that ill timed glitch in which your device refuses to respond to your frantic taps to DO SOMETHING!! :thinking:

Sadly it happens to me at the most inopportune moments :persevere:


Dreth can easily walk through that base layout to :eyes::cookie:

Not with 2 reds?

:thinking: Come to think of it… Whirlpool has less radius and shorter duration than entrap…
Not sure if it can trap 5 towers.

Would help to see exact layout…