Option to give away packs from the store

Have a team competition.

Winner gets a pack, paid for by some generous soul…

Not much else to give away as a prize…

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Would offcourse have to pay the same price as the personal packs…

Yer thinking whales would spend in order to make their team stronger?

They could put a limit on this as well?


There are quite vast differences in pack prices depending on your location.

For example a $99 USD pack in America is the same as a £99 GBP pack in UK even though £99 = $137.

Therefore, people not in US could just ask their US counterparts to buy their packs and reimburse them rather than paying full whack.

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Can’t tell you how many times this has been exploited by hackers


That i didnt know… in a way thats kinda screwed up in the first place isnt it? Giving some countries an advantage? I dunno… not sure i would call it an exploit, but i see your point :slight_smile:

If there was a limit though, it wouldnt be too much of an issue?

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So they have done this before? I know about the holiday ones… never used them though. Are there limits on them?

True but I don’t think PG would care much. The price difference comes from taxes and service costs, PG gets the same. It’s just technically tax evasion to have someone buy the packs in the us and then “export” them to the uk without paying vat and other taxes.

Yeah they also did this across the board I think 4-5 years ago. So much ruby hacking lol.

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The issue wasn’t so much the price difference from country to country, that’s outside of PGs control and frankly I doubt they care if people are paying legitimately. It’s the illegal stuff that is the issue. People were “selling packs” which was an issue (people using stolen gifts cards and credit cards to send you “gifts” then accepting money transfers as compensation).


Ahh good point. That would be an issue for sure…

In an ideal world this would be cool. But security has been a problem with anything like this. I remember so many exploits with the shop and being able to have throwaway accounts do it would just make things hard. Do you ban both accounts or just the throwaway? How do we know if the throwaway isn’t just trying to get someone banned? And that’s not taking into account the fraudulent transactions, stolen cards, or just straight cheating the store itself.

Unfortunately I just don’t think there is a safe way to do this. The only variant of this that might work PG does occasionally with competitions they run and directly give out. Maybe they could do more of these that people could nominate teammates for?

Was looking for a way to kickstart Atlas play for some of my teammates. They are casual players, so they dont bother testing it at all… and loose out on alot of prizes that way. Was thinking some easy to see carrot would get them started. Im sure they would enjoy it as soon as they saw the benefits.

I guess i will have to find other ways :wink:

my teams are doing it by gifting google or apple gift cards. there’s no guarantee that the rewarded teammates will use that to buy packs, but they all did so far.

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