Option to refund/recycle old towers debate

I would like to purpose what I have been thinking of after hearing many ideas for this feature. I have somewhat fixed my base with the help of others both in game and on forums :blue_heart::green_heart::purple_heart::black_heart:
Thank you all.

Ok what I’m purposing is the ability to rebuild our base by scrapping towers for “Building Packs”
These packs are unique to each tower you scrap.
These packs only give 1:1 points and XP so if I destroyed a stored tower that somehow is still effecting my player level I will get a unique pack that I can use to build another tower of equal value XP and point wise.
These packs do not effect your player level it points since each building gives same XP as one previously scrapped and no more.

I’m not positive how this could be implemented but I know I don’t want it to effect player level since there are many potential issues that could foster from that like Dragon level requirements and building level requirements being circumvented by scrapping towers that effect player level.

Does anyone have any ideas how this could work, how could we make towers exchange for a building pack that can only be used to create an equal value tower?

For example if I scrap a Ice Turret and want a Earth Flak in it’s place it won’t be same level but will be the exact same player XP gained. Not sure what level it would be but for giggles let’s just say Ice Turret level 40 to Earth Flak level 30-35 whatever level would equal same xp.?

If anyone has any input and possible solutions please share. I’m open to constructive criticism.

Hello and thanks for your suggestion! This topic already exists so please the search option in the top right before making a thread. Here’s one of the past threads on recycling towers:

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