Option to respec rider skill

Evening all. As the title suggests my thoughts are that an option to respec your riders skill could be a nice addition.

Not for free of course. If you make a mistake in skilling a rider there should be a penality. However, making a miscalculation on how many rider points are required to max all the trees you want can permenantly make a rider substantially less useful and that’s quite a downer considering the fact that the seasonal riders are time limited and take a fair bit of work to unlock to a decent level.

50-300 rubies seem reasonable a cost in my view for this.

I can’t really see a downside or a risk to this but let me know what you think. Is there a risk I’ve missed? Is this a reasonable addition?


Idk…some mistakes should be there as a constant reminder of your failure.


Eh not a bad idea but realistically it would have to be much more expensive than even 300 rubies. Other wise you could just spam it whenever ya wanted to level a new dragon as many have xp and training bonuses.

I agree with @Panda if you make a mistake you should learn from it not just make more mistakes because you can easily fix them with a few rubies

instead of re-spec maybe an option revert back to level 1 once you reach level 50 (materials not returned though or return 75% of the rider gems) so players who already maxed out their riders can still participate in spending glory points.

This is more aimed at seasonal riders rather than atlas ones simply because I have no experience with them right now.

I am not aware of how difficult or easy it is to replace a “inefficient” atlas rider.

This is more aimed at the unreplaceable seasonal riders that are limited time only which are then significantly hampered by a single moment of carelessness. Especially for those who can’t grind/buy another.

a personal example was with my Oksana. I levelled her as I did tor, however one of her skills is earlier on compared to tor and I didn’t notice. I lost out On a few final points of damage due to my mistake. It’s small. It’s a pain. But it’s nothing terrible. But I can’t easily replace her. I get one normal rider a season. Maybe 2. That’s a long wait. And I can’t grind out a replacement yet as atlas isn’t out to us at my rating yet.

I’d be absolutely in agreement that it should be permenant if I could make another Oksana or another rider and I had to just start again.

Panda does have an important point however. This game cannot be too forgiving and some mistakes should be permenant (choice of seasonal dragons). Mistakes should punish, how else do you learn? I’m just not sure if respecing or resetting seasonal riders points allocation is where that line should be drawn in my view.

I am that to my Mom.


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My only suggestion is to slow down and do your research. I still haven’t decided what to do with my final points on all three of my riders.

By reading the forums I dodged the rider xp trap on Grogg at least. Let others make the mistakes and then learn from them

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Ohh absolutely. Worst case scenario it’s information and a learning curve. At the end of the day if I have to deal with it then fair enough.

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