Optional Atlas in Setting Menu

What are you agree or disagree if the future, Atlas can disable and enable in Setting Menu… because some players have a laggy every go into the atlas. I have this idea because there are several factors as well:

  1. Factor gadgets that are used by the player. (example : Low-end, Middle-end, High-end Smartphone)

  2. Probably because it requires a lot of Kouta to access it.


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They could at this moment just find a different team?

Imo it would need be a way to disable the ability to join a team with atlas rather than disable atlas for a player who has access

If you’re in a team with it, you should be working with your team to improve your standings in atlas.

Oops casted wrong vote. I want to vote no

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Just change it then?

Didn’t realize you can change lol. Changed. Turning atlas off with a team that has it is an idea that the team wont tolerate. It’s not even up to the player. He will get replaced if he turns off atlas in an atlas team, assuming that option is there.

That’s why I think if the option was to not be able to join an Atlas team, it would work. But disable it… No

I agree!!!




I change to “Agree”

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Thanks for vote my thread :blush:

This post is started 6h ago and the poll it’s closed now… I don’t think the result has any relevance since the majority of users can’t vote.

I agree with ToNyRen

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Just don‘t open Atlas, problem solved :man_facepalming:t3:

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