Orange evolution stone


Would be great if there was another way to obtain the second orange evolution egg for Ember as the only way i know about is via the store and paying $140 is a heck of alot of money. Hope you guys can fix this up


This was already asked about before, below. Also Ember is better off left at L1 anyway for a quick healing death gaze dragon - good for missions or easy cleanup where only farms/mills are left.


Solid advise! I wish I’d of paid more attention when he dropped but still at lvl 6 he’s helpful. I wish more lower players got given that info but sadly most seem to keep it to themselves.


The advice on ember was pretty much out day 2 on the old forums. And most people I know say it religiously everytime anyone asks re Ember. So it’s probably spread as fast and as far as it can without PG getting involved.


best thing you can do with ember: leave him on lvl 1


Yup i definitely brought it up the third day he came out actually, giving me too much credit here haha

Introduction post July 11th:
My post was on July 13th.


I was referring to your post actually just too lazy to go look for it… :joy:


Oh then i don’t know where that one went either haha


You linked it above… :joy:





Day of on LINE chats :tada: always keep some sort of cleanup dragon on roster, had Enki until Rizar and now sometimes Iteru during events, as I skipped Tengu


Where were you jerks on day 1 of when ember came out lol


Get me into some line chat action too. What’s the group name?


They’re team chats :joy:


Darn I thought they were like red’s chat.


Rulith team chats FTW lol


Hey red since u r here do u still do that line chat u referenced in your resignation post?


No I do not. My old Line account has since been deleted and my new one is private. Getting 300 messages a day asking pretty basic questions was getting to be…too much.


Well if you ever change ur mind… I only ask non silly questions… Mostly… :joy:


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