OrcaFrost's chest drop Info


Is the real deal.

Learn it, like it, love it. Know the future. Open ten, find where you are, decide if what you will get is worth it or if you’d rather try again later (different event).


:bowing_man: @OrcaFrost

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Maybe @mechengg and @OrcaFrost could combine forces and make a super cool sheet!

Idk. Obviously, there’s some work involved in that. So I’m mostly just being a bum. But… It would be really cool.


Ummm yes. I can take raw data inputs from Orca & ask you to input a 10 pull of info and i can give you an output of your next X chests?


According to the runes list, there is 0 chance of rolling a Mythic HP rune for any dragon yet they are listed in the chest contents in game. Legendary HP runes as well, while I’m at it. Is this an oversight?

Edit: PG has apparently changed the HP runes into attack runes between seasons. Ignore me.


The chains are interlocked and move forward at different rates…

But yeah. That’s what I mean.


I can sequence and extract it :slight_smile:

The epic table moves up by 1 each time an epic is pulled
Legendary same.

I can find position on both tables and give next sequence rarity and drops then lookup values for displays.

At least that’s my understanding.

Plus i’d need the current chest /30 position


Yep. That is the way of it.

The only thing that might mess you up (I’m sure you can account for it) is the 1 epic bronze chest.


If the starting point is 0/30, then the first gold opened is the start of the three chest sequence. Otherwise it is offset by that number.

As for the other sequences, I belive it is based on the total number of chests opened… Most people won’t know that. So, they will need to open enough to have a unique sequence and then they will know the starting point. After that it will progress exactly. :slight_smile:


i happily stopped grinding bronze chests and decided to go gold chest way :joy::joy::joy:
as if i am ever gonna hoard 10000 bronze chests. very happy with 430 golds i hoarded


But… But… If you ground 10k bronze chests, you’d be able to complete the discount line (almost).


and then i could stop playing this game :mask:


I think you stopped playing already if you’re goal is to grind 10k. How is that even a game?


I was able to figure out my pattern from opening 5 gold chests + bonus. The info I gathered, allowed me to open up 80 gold chests +3 bonus to receive all the Sigil prizes +1 extra legendary.

First 6 pulls were as follows:
Legendary - 50 - 3 Hours
Epic - 25 - 30% Tower HP
Epic - 4 - 12 Hours
Legendary - 400,000 Food pack
Epic - 15 - 3 Hours
Legendary - 8 - Mystic Fragments (Bonus)

This info put me on prize 12 for Legendary and prize 5 for Epic


And if you grabbed the sigils, I’m guessing you wait until next event to open more?

And then if you get those sigils early too, you know you’re not missing anything to wait until pvp.

Knowledge is power.



That is exactly what I am planning to do.


Even i opened 60 chests today. stopped calculating now. just ballpark figures. 380 golds or whatever to complete discount then jump the gun and open all golds in pvp…
you think i should save rubies for later ( supersigils ) or just open all 200k worth rubies on gold chests? :eyes:


Honestly this is incredibly impressive stuff. I wish it I had waited for it to appear before opening so many golds though. Impatient me decided he wanted Cavaleris gold fast.


@mechengg you should call the tool “Chest Oracle” when it’s done :smirk:


Isn’t it better to Wait till next week before opening chests?


Great work Orca and all involved!
Now for what may be a silly question…
Savage, what’s the theory behind stopping once you have ‘grabbed the sigils’?
I assume this means once you collect the last sigil drop (legandary drop 23 on Orcas list) you stop opening chests.
But if you keep opening chests, I assume u finally get back to more sigils,
So do you stop hoping you will start the next event at a better position?
What am I missing :thinking: