OrcaFrost's chest drop Info


luck + probability in play. its always possible but that’s the probability in play. also i appreciate you keeping track of those gold chest drops because i am like " yeah one chest lets forget"


Updated for Feeding :wink:


Updated for Fortification :wink:


Thanks Alot Orca :hugs:


Updated for Fight Pits :wink:


I think there’s a mistake somewhere between 28 and 34 for epic chests. I keep having to redo my pattern on @Morreion’s site around there. I’ll go look thru my screenshots but as fate would have it my screenshot failed just then when I experienced it again… :man_facepalming:


Thanks for the heads up. I’ll check it.


Thank u good to know👌


Did a few comparison with past events (super sigils and runic).
Seems that both indices are the same.

Will check more for gold…


What is interesting. PVP event, need energy chests and inner fires. During fortification do a gold chest drop, get no or maybe 100 black pearls? But during a PVP I get like 6 / 10 black pearl related quantites. Go figure.:man_shrugging:t3:


For Black Pearl,

  • PvP has 5/39 Legendary drop.
  • Fort has 3/39 Legendary and 5/66 Epic drop.

Therefore, Fort has slightly higher Pearl drop…


Updated for Breeding :wink:

Also confirmed that last event’s chest index is the same (if not truncated…)


Updated for Money, err… Kingdom Wars.


I thought it was Wallet Wars :shushing_face:


Updated for Fortification :wink:


Damn, landed at steps 21-23. Nothing but lumber packs and fire and ice shards for chests to come … no embers for me this event :sob:

Thanks for continuing this Orca.


Pretty much the same… I’m at L20-22 :crying_cat_face:

Thanks so much as always, Orca!


Still have no idea how to read this :see_no_evil:
Especially for silver chests… got legendary hunter rune, then 2 rare and legendary sorcerer, then bonus 1500 dust. Can’t find anything like that…


This is the order of the silver chest drops. Legendary dragon runes are 100 chests apart from each other.

You could be at any of the red marks and 100 chests later, you could get the one after it. Unfortunately you don’t know which spot you’re at, but none of the following runes look all that interesting so save your chests.


But how did I get 2 legendary runes 2 chests apart? :thinking: I opened only 4 chests one-by-one, leg rare rare leg and bonus.

Edit oh I see, very bottom… or not… :see_no_evil: