OrcaFrost's chest drop Info


there are 2 type of sequence in bronze chest / silver chest / gold chest
the first one is name of item list as you see in the table (box)
the second one is order of drop list as you see in the first picture Lutrus posted above.
1/ you open a few bronze chest, like maybe 10 bronze chest
let say you get: com(1 heal) com(1 heal) rare(5 heal) com(1 base boost) rare(5 base boost)

2/ find in name of item where these item stand next to each other in common table: 1 heal 1 heal 1 base boost
and rare table: 5 heal and 5 base boost
find in order list the part show com com rare com rare

3/ repeat the steps until you see how it works.
same for silver: if you see rareM, you search in rare monument table

Spent rubies on breeding

Thank you very much, that makes much more sense to me now :smile:
This table is not perfect but I can see now how it works :ok_hand:t3:
Or maybe it was a glitch that I got two leg too close to each other. Or is it working only when opening 10 chests ? And by opening one by one I just didn’t launch the scheme?

Finally, to you pros, does it make sense and more chance to get mythic by stacking up silver chests over the season or more to open more than 100 at once? Right now (for more than a year) I’m opening them as soon as I get 10 to open (most of the time) or just several of them, only trying luck and hoping I’m placed in a good spot of sequence.


Not if one of them is bonus.

Yes. Furthermore, make a note for all of your position (esp. silver, bonus, and Legendary Dragon). If a good rune is within your reach, open the chests. :blush:


Thanks again :blush: will try to save those. They are stacking up so slow, probably get to use them by March :joy: if not later


silver bonus chest has a separate drop list from the normal silver drop list
also the gold chest which drop “epic epic legend” will surely give you a legend for opening bonus


Updated for Feeding :wink:

p.s. Also hide Atlas section, since the new season hasn’t started yet, and I haven’t been able to get the data…


Updated for Breeding


Is page ok? won’t load for me.


It is loaded fine for me.
Which platform /browser is it?
Also, have you tried clearing cache?


Mac OS 10.5, all three browsers I run - Chrome, Firefox, Safari. Cleared cache on Firefox, no change.

It loads fine on my iPhone, though.


What I used to do is

  1. Clear cache
  2. Refresh
  3. Edit the url (remove the /?i=1) and refresh.


Thanks, no luck - just get a blank white screen. Anyway, I guess it’s me and not you … and I have the iphone. Thanks for trying to help.


Waiting on new runic chest sequence… :eyes:


Updated for Team Gauntlet
(sorry. Haven’t been able to fix dust amount as it still showing doubles of what it should be. Will keep trying)

Added index to Bronze, Silver, and Runic


Boom. And Happy Cake Day!


Due to server error the site cannot be accessed atm. Probably this will serve as temporary backup

Legendary Drop

No Name
1 Legendary Ammo
2 Legendary Cannon Attack
3 Legendary Hunter Attack
4 Legendary Dark Flak Resist
5 Legendary Warrior Attack
6 Mythic Sorcerer Attack
7 Legendary Red Mage HP
8 Mythic Hunter HP
9 Legendary Healing Mark
10 Mythic Warrior Attack
11 Mythic Rage
12 Legendary Ammo
13 Legendary Cannon Striker
14 Mythic Red Mage HP
15 Legendary Weakening
16 Mythic Cannon Attack
17 Legendary Healing Mark
18 Legendary Fireball
19 Legendary Sorcerer Attack
20 Mythic Food Production
21 Legendary Cannon Attack
22 Legendary Weakening
23 Legendary Rage
24 Mythic Hunter Attack
25 Legendary Fireball
26 Mythic Cannon Striker
27 Mythic Fireball
28 Legendary Sorcerer Attack
29 Legendary Warrior Attack
30 Mythic Dark Flak Resist
31 Legendary Ice Turret HP
32 Mythic Healing Mark
33 Legendary Hunter HP
34 Legendary Red Mage HP
35 Legendary Hunter HP
36 Mythic Weakening
37 Legendary Food Production
38 Legendary Hunter Attack
39 Legendary Cannon Striker
40 Legendary Rage
41 Mythic Ammo
42 Mythic Ice Turret HP
43 Legendary Ice Turret HP
44 Legendary Dark Flak Resist
45 Legendary Food Production

Runic Bonus

No Name
1 Legendary Food Production
2 Legendary Red Mage HP
3 Legendary Hunter HP
4 Legendary Food Production
5 Legendary Fireball
6 Legendary Hunter Attack
7 Legendary Healing Mark
8 Mythic Sorcerer Attack
9 Mythic Weakening
10 Legendary Cannon Attack
11 Legendary Warrior Attack
12 Legendary Hunter Attack
13 Legendary Ammo
14 Legendary Rage
15 Legendary Dark Flak Resist
16 Legendary Weakening
17 Mythic Hunter HP
18 Mythic Ammo
19 Legendary Sorcerer Attack
20 Legendary Ice Turret HP
21 Mythic Hunter Attack
22 Mythic Cannon Attack
23 Mythic Cannon Striker
24 Legendary Fireball
25 Mythic Rage
26 Legendary Sorcerer Attack
27 Legendary Warrior Attack
28 Legendary Sorcerer Attack
29 Mythic Ice Turret HP
30 Legendary Healing Mark
31 Legendary Ice Turret HP
32 Mythic Dark Flak Resist
33 Legendary Rage
34 Mythic Warrior Attack
35 Legendary Healing Mark
36 Legendary Warrior Attack
37 Legendary Weakening
38 Legendary Hunter HP
39 Legendary Hunter HP
40 Mythic Red Mage HP
41 Legendary Dark Flak Resist
42 Mythic Food Production
43 Legendary Food Production
44 Legendary Hunter Attack
45 Legendary Dark Flak Resist
46 Legendary Ammo
47 Legendary Cannon Attack
48 Legendary Red Mage HP
49 Legendary Ice Turret HP
50 Legendary Cannon Attack
51 Legendary Cannon Striker
52 Mythic Fireball
53 Legendary Cannon Striker
54 Legendary Weakening
55 Legendary Ammo
56 Legendary Red Mage HP
57 Mythic Healing Mark
58 Legendary Cannon Striker
59 Legendary Fireball
60 Legendary Rage


Question…if we haven’t been tracking where we are on silver chests, will we need to spend the 12k rubies to open 10 of the runic to find our spot? Or is there another way?

Edit: my phone really wants a tunic apparently. Keeps changing runic. :woman_shrugging:t2:


The regular way will be using Silver Chest to track Legendary Dragon drop.

However, if you can read the received data, you’ll know all indices.


it was working fine for me few minutes ago. But either way, you are my saviour of the day :hugs::raised_hands:


Thanks for all your work Orca!