OrcaFrost's chest drop Info


It’s up again.
Will still leave runic drop here.


Orca can you pls step me through how to track silver legendaries again and then how to match that to the runic table? Thanks! :hugs:


lmao you want comparison with silver drops?


Can work if you have screenshot on Legendary drop during past event (will need to know the event too).
must be consecutive legendary drop though


Oh. I haven’t got a legendary in a long time - last SS i have of a legendary is from December 9 lol

What do you mean by consecutive legendary? Two in a row on the same 10?

I know the last 2 legendaries I got was Legendary Archer Striker Rune (part of 10) and the Legendary Sorceror HP Rune (bonus after 30) on Dec 9.


It should be last Fight Pits then…

The index is either 4 or 5 (Archer Striker doesn’t count)
Means that your next will be started from either 5 or 6.


This is next bonus drop you mean?


No. It’s Legendary Dragon (or legendary drop, based on the post above.)
Unlike Runic, Silver chest bonus is pulled from Legendary Dragon.


I swear I’m reading english words but it’s like a different language :sweat_smile: (and happy cake day!)


:see_no_evil: My bad english…


Ok so I should expect my next legendary to be either


Second question. How to work out where in the runic chest sequence I am?


lol, your English is great! I just find the instructions on how to read silver/runic chest drops to be very confusing :see_no_evil:


During Duskfall 5th week, did you buy any runic chest


No haven’t bought for a long time.


I’m sorry. I can’t help then :pray:
Will need any lead to guess the index.


No worries I’ll see if I have appetite to open some then… :see_no_evil:


Would Support be able to tell you what it was?



Based on the sequence table though, you cycle through legendaries at a pretty quick rate. I’m not that far off the bunch of mythics in a row - so I may just bite the bullet and spend some rubies. Let’s see :eyes:


Good luck Grump :four_leaf_clover:


Probably try asking the value of deck_indices for Legendary_dragon, runic_chest, and Special_dragon