OrcaFrost's chest drop Info


Anyone else getting domain suspeneded?


Gotta move it (I used free one)

Seems that I don’t need to, atm. Just read that it’s due to main server restart.
Also, it’s back up again.


Yes I am. Hopefully it will be back soon.

I managed to copy all the data into a file for my Excel file I have for myself. Still working on something that is more useful than to just me.

Orca, is there any plans to put up the Atlas chests again?


Once I visit Atlas properly. Still in transition period…


No problem, thank you for providing this. :slight_smile: I use it every week.


Yeah thanks orca been using for a few months now very helpful and thanks to whomever you are using to get the info to post it


It seems to skip (or not include) legendary rune dust in the sequence.


Legendary dust is back to 500k…


Atlas section update.
Thanks for the team :grin:


Updated for Fort :wink:


At the moment, server is down. (Temple Raid)

The data can be seen here for now.


ORCA! predictor please :slight_smile:


The link above?

The server is still down, so I put mine in Google Sheet


so that docs is updated? :hugs:

this one?



I’ve updated the main site too. Should be up once the server is fixed.
The site should’ve been up right now


This would be great for predicting drops from chests…

IF I HAD ANY :triumph:

But, seriously, thank you Orca. You’re a real MVP :trophy:


@OrcaFrost For the Runic chests, do the starting point changes every event like for gold chest or does it continue from the previous weeks’ sequence? can you please clarify :hugs:


The position stays the same for all drop (bronze, silver, gold).
However, the exception is when the new list is shorter than the old one. In that case, I haven’t tested when the index is bigger than the length of the list (most likely modulo though…)


Oh. So as long as the drops are the same, you pretty much have the same sequence. Okay that makes more sense. So I just need to make sure if the list is the same as the one from last PVP. Thanks alot Orca!


No. What Orca means is that for example if the last time you opened Runics, you stopped at say position 7, then the next time you open Runics you start from position 8 (of that particular sequence), assuming you didn’t open any silvers in between.


Yes, I got that. That’s why I said, I just need to make sure the drop list is the same , then I’ll have the same sequence from last PVP ?