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The lists change every event, so whatever you’re trying to say about sequence, it doesn’t apply. If you like what’s in your next chests, open them now. If you don’t like it, wait for next event and hope for something better.


I am talking about runic chests. Which is why I mentioned “same as last PVP events”. Do you people read the comments before just replying ? :man_facepalming:


henfon is correct that the lists change between pvp events. Last pvp was not the same as this one, for example, havoc runes were not on the list last pvp event but are on this events drop tables. It remains to be seen whether opening silvers affect runic positions (as far as being number 7 in the leg drop) or not. Don’t be rude.


I thought I was pretty clear. Maybe you need to take your own advice. People are trying to help you here. If you don’t appreciate it don’t ask any questions.


Orca said silver bonus chests (the one you get after 30) move you along the sequence.


OrcaFrost’s site has historical info. If you look back I believe you’ll see that the content and sometimes length of the lists change even between runnings of the same event. For runic chests there’s very little info since we’ve only had them twice since their resurrection. Assume the lists are totally new every week.

To add to what Grumpy said, I believe the mapping of lists is something like this:

  • runic epic position = silver epic dragon position
  • runic legendary = silver legendary dragon
  • runic bonus = silver bonus?
  • runic rarity order = ???

My runic rarity position matched my silver legendary monument position and nothing else, but that could be coincidence; maybe it’s a distinct counter.


Not necessarily silver bonus. Epic and Legendary dragon rune drop will be affected by Silver chest (in case we get Epic D or Leg. D).


Silver bonus doesn’t point to chest directly, but has epic D and Leg. D which affect Epic and Leg runic drop.

Runic bonus’s name is “Special_dragon” in the json.
Runic rarity order is independent.


Ah cool, so just epic and legendary counters are shared, the other two are specific to runic chests? Thanks!




Thought I would mention that I ran into this exact case this season when we went from Breeding (I stopped at prize 68 in Epics) to Gauntlet. There was only 66 prizes in the epic line for Guantlet, so I got prize 1. So I assume that is default. I thought it would run a random on me, or I just got lucky.

Didn’t matter for legendary as I ended at 20 in Breeding and my first legendary was 21 in Guantlet.


Isn’t that what I said in my first comment after orca ? I just need to make sure if the list is same to know if my sequence will be ? I am literally saying “I just need to make sure if the lists are the same”. I didn’t say they were and yes I know I can check this from orcas data ? I just don’t understand how this comment leads to people thinking I don’t get what it means… when I repeatedly am saying I understand it. I am not trying to be rude, but perhaps read what I was trying to say first before just replying with “No that’s not it”.


Probably different wording made it a bit confusing :sweat_smile:

To put it simple, each list (or table) has its own index, which “stays the same” between events.


No one understands cooky :man_shrugging: I give up. If he says he knows, then he knows.


And it’s updated for Breeding :wink:

(hope the site isn’t down again)


Updated for Fight Pits… :wink:


You’re fast


Not everyone prides themselves on being that quick :smirk:

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