OrcaFrost's chest drop Info


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Thanks again for updating, orca, about to open a few.


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@OrcaFrost Just wondering, did you already figure out what happens when the list for a week is shorter than your current index? Does it go to 1 or wrap around? And what happens the week after?

Specifically curious about these two scenario’s:

  • my index from last week is at 39
  • this week only has 35 items
  • I open a chest: do I get item 4 (= 39 % 35) or item 1 or something else?

and scenario 2:

  • my index from last week is at 39
  • this week only has 35 items
  • I do not open any chests
  • the week after has 40 items
  • now I do open a chest: do I get item 39, or did last weeks’ shorter list alter my index?


Sorry for not having tested it (getting caught by team as well).

I put my “rare drop” index at 49.
Fort should only have 44 “rare drop”.

I’ll let you know once the event starts (will check both before and after getting rare drop).

Before opening any bronze = 49
First drop I get is rare #6. Most likely modulo is used.


Updated for Fort :wink:


Work it Orca!!! :dancer:t3::man_dancing:t3::dancer:t3::man_dancing:t3:


Updated for Kingdom Wars


Has anybody come up with a “for dummies” version of this? Kinda makes my head hurt thinking about it LOL.




  1. Open enough to guess where you are
  2. Make a note everytime you open chests


Updated for breeding…

Should I add summary section?


I thought we never had to say yes for you to take a yes. :grin:

Good work, as always. :+1:t2:


Does your position in the sequence change between events? Or is it constant.


No. Only get changed if the index is beyond current event’s list (by modulo)


Updated for Team Gauntlet

Added summary for several drops (count of each item drop)


You da real mvp :raised_hands:t3: