OrcaFrost's chest drop Info


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450 golds were 5k black Pearl’s 9k sygils,730 ifs ,475 energy chests and 90k egg tokens didn’t keep track of timers unfortunately

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Another teammate opened 550 golds and got 1200 energy packs and 1500 ifs but less tokens then me how big of a sample does it take to cycle thru orca kinda bummed now.


I highly doubt he got less eggs than you with 100 more chests.


About 100 chest for Epic, and 110 chest for Legendary


He did he got 80k I got 90k


I don’t understand why there is such a discrepancy 100 more chests should not be that big of a difference and the token amount difference do not have any pics of his but I do have mine.


What were the starting points?


That I am unsure of but even starting on opposite ends could he get that much more ?


I figured after 100 it would start the cycle over so it would be about equal ?


Orca just said the epic resets after 100 and leg in 110…

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Not sure I understand if they are not rng then he must have had more ifs and packs then he thought cause it is simply too many what I don’t understand is the less amount of tokens he got.


Kinda impossible for 80k.

550 Gold should’ve gone through 5 cycle for both Epic and Legendary.
That alone is 93k egg token (p.s. 100 and 110 I mentioned above is maximum amount for consecutive opening).


Well, one of you didn’t count properly or is exaggerating. 450vs550 and 475vs1200 energy packages screams errors on your guys’ side to be honest.


I have pics on my end but not on his so unfortunately I have to wait till next season and get someone to take pics along side me.


Table length for Epic and Legendary for this event is 66 and 39. How do the 100/110 relate to that?


20 epic / 30 gold, means that 66 - 67 epic / 100 gold.

11 Leg. / 30 gold, means that 39 - 41 Legendary / 110 gold.


Updated for Fort :wink:

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10 scrolls? :joy::rofl::man_facepalming:

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Huge thank you again for all info and guidance towards saving silvers :smile:
I was collecting them since the end of December and finally today I got both mythic sorcerer attack and mythic hunter attack runes :star_struck: