OrcaFrost's chest drop Info


Do I sense an “Oops” moment from @OrcaFrost? :rofl:


I kept the old json in one of the folder.


But what about everyone else?

I kid. Mostly.


Damn, just used this to predict my drops and it’s nuts, ya’ll cracked the code!! For some reason it’s a little less fun, but I do love knowing. Guess who has 1,675 Black Pearls now? IT’S ME!
@SavageAFforPG You were right all along, it’s not luck, it’s a pattern :grin: And @OrcaFrost cheers for putting this together. Had to stare at it for a while to understand it and find out where I fell in the pattern but once I did it felt like I’d opened my third eye :rofl: :t_rex:


That’s better than what I’ve managed… it’s still a bunh of gibberish to me. Guess my poor artist brain doesn’t work the right way to decipher the code :see_no_evil:


Y’know, I was looking at it for two days going “What the hell am I reading?” and then earlier I was talking with some others in LINE chat, it was brought up, and all of a sudden I was like “OH!”
… but if you’re looking for a concise explanation of how to understand it, I am not the guy for that and I think I’d end up further confusing you and myself :rofl: :t_rex:


It took me a bit, but I finally got it. If you look below the list columns it shows the sequence the rarity follows. For example, the gold chest is always “epic epic legendary”. This carries on continuously, so if you open 10 chest wherever it left of in the sequence it will start back up on the next 10.

Now for each rarity the columns of items show you the order the prizes come in. Of course you may already be somewhere in the middle of the column so you have to figure out where by opening multiple chests. But for example say my sequence just happens to be at line 1 for Legendary Drops - then the first 3 legendary drops I get will be 12h timers (x15), Inner Fire (x20), and Black Pearls(x225)…and remember the sequence of rarity is “epic epic legendary” so these would be every 3rd gold chest I open. I could find the same thing in the epic column if I wanted. Once you get to the bottom of the list it goes back to the top.

Also, the bonus chests count but they are always legendary so it will be in that column.

Bronze chests have a much crazier sequence of rarity so I didn’t really mess with them, but the gold chests are pretty easy. Hope this helps!


Now you know why I’m personally very sad that @SavageAFforPG is quitting the game. But I would never ask an ex addict to return… :wink:


Yeah I used this to save a bunch of rubies this event. I was wondering if I could use all my rubies to get as far as possible on Cav’s line, but after looking at the chart I would get less than a thousand sigils out of 16k rubies.


Winners never quit… Right?


:thinking: I don’t know how to answer that. I suppose depends on whether you’re quitting or retiring… :joy: :wink:


Updated for Fort :grin:
Add a dropdown to compare between events, so I’m sorry if it’s a bit slow :sweat_smile:


Does the black pearl in legendary drop less than pit event or it just me?


For legendary drop, yes. However, considering the epic drop, I believe that it’s slightly higher.


I’ve landed at prize 25 (so happy!) and stopped at prize 30 since no more sigils after that. So the sequence will remain the same(continue at prize 31) or i’ll land at another prize if i wait and open another 10 tomorrow :thinking:

Edit: RIP RNG :ghost::ghost::ghost: thank you for the great work!!!


In one event, I believe that it will continue


Updated for Breeding


It’s showing Fight Pits drops for me.


Oops, sorry. Seems that the data whole files get rolled back. I’ll try to fix it ASAP
Thanks for informing.
It should’ve been fixed.


Any info on the runic chests?