OrcaFrost's chest drop Info


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Is there a page for the runic chest drops? I’m not seeing it on the chest drop page
Edit-ignore me, just had to refresh…


are we getting silver chest drops as well? :eyes:

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Is the sequnce different this fort? I can’t seem to map in to week 3’s sequence.


Think Orca is working, can’t update until later. Sorry.

Just confirmed, it will be a while. Sorry guys :grimacing:


Updated for normal game.

p.s. Since Atlas hasn’t been updated when I grabbed the data, I hid the Atlas section until I can get the update.


:disappointed_relieved: silvers suck…
so is the leg D in bonus chest going to increment the leg D rune that’s coming next even if its in normal drop?


Yes, it is


fml so basically i need about 700 chests approximately to get it… mythic rage
(starts hoarding silver chests secretly )

Thank you for the data :hugs:


Minor correction? I dropped in at step 18. Worked perfectly up to step 26 - 1500 elemental embers from the bonus chest. But next pull was 225 sigil, 15 12 hour, 1500 elemental ember. There weren’t back to back 225 sigils at 27 and 28.


You can’t drop in at 18. You need to input it starting at the previous interval of 10.

AKA 18 -> enter your data from 11-20 (colored boxes are a set)
24 -> enter your data from 21-20
8 -> enter your data from 1-10

This sets the legendary drop of 30 chests to be taken out at the correct place.


I opened some singletons first. Legendary sequence was:

1.5k elemental ember (single)

50 3 hour speed up (single)

the 1st group of ten:

15 12 hour speed up

225 sigils

1k ice shards

2nd group of ten:

1k fire shards

50 3 hour speedups

400k lumber

bonus chest: 1.5 k embers

3rd group of ten:

225 sigils

15 12 hour speedups

1.5K elemental embers

matches perfectly with starting at step 18, except for no back-to-back 225 sigils at step 27 and 28


Wait. Shouldn’t 3rd set has 4 legendary?


Apparently the bonus chest counted and made the next 10 start with epic-epic-legendary.


:thinking: weird.
I haven’t opened any gold this event.
I mean Bonus Chest shouldn’t affect Gold chest in terms of 1 Legendary for every 3 gold.

Therefore (assuming that your list is in order), among those set, one have 4 legendary.


Of course the bonus chest counts…