OrcaFrost's chest drop Info


The bonus chest counts for dropped legendary.
However it shouldn’t affect gold chest pull sequence (1 legendary and 2 epic)


My second drop of 10 ended Leg-ep-ep. Got the bonus. 3rd set of 10 started ep-ep-Leg. Wish I could have declined the bonus. It was effectively no bonus at all, as it cost me the 4 legendary pull.


Edit: I’m dumb. Yeah that’s weird it shouldn’t interrupt the sequence.


#2 is Gold Chest while #4 is Gold bonus chest. Therefore, a screenshot might help

(unless something else is messed up)


So this is out for a month and PG has not changed the sequence yet or added genuine randomness to the drops?

I feel like they would release an urgent hot fix to prevent people from knowing whats coming.


They do change the sequence weekly (this fort is not the same order as last one) but not during the week it seems. Frankly, I think that less than 1% will bother with these tools so I don’t think it’ll affect the bottom line enough to bother changing it.


ok, I guess it is possible I opened another singleton in between, got the 225 sigils, and didn’t screenshot it. I think that would account for my result, and all would be well in the war dragons world. Well, except for this update nonsense. If that’s the case, sorry for the misleading feedback.


Ok, first: Thanks for that great spreadsheet.
I do have some questions about it though.
If I understood that thing correct, everytime you get a ceratin drop, you move forward with 1 Number in that Drop list.
So at the moment I am at Drop No. 21 for Legendary Gold Drop. Next two will be Epics and then the Legendary Drop No. 22, am I right?

If that is so, how would that work going from one Event to another. As I am at No. 21 now, will I still continue with No. 22 (whatever will be in that spot)?
And: The amount of Drops in one rotation seem to change .e.g.: Breeding had 69 Epic Gold Drops, while now there are only 66.
What happens now, when I end the week on Drop 68? Will I start next week with Drop 3?
Same goes for the rotation of rareM 500 rareM etc. for silver chests. No matter when you open, you will always stay at the spot you ended on last, right? So no switching in between weeks?


There is some data in the same file recording all opened chests.
However, I haven’t tested it :sweat_smile: (how the order is, or whether it is the data used).


As far as I can tell so far your start position is randomized with each new week.

Also the lists are shuffled each week, even for events with the same drops. In other words, next fort event won’t have the same order this one had, even if it will have the same drops in each list.


Well, with some data you can’t see, I guess it’s the same as randomized…


Just checked with old data opening a few free atlas chests, and it looks like the order did (finally) change. When you have time to extract the new atlas data I’ll shove it into the predictor too.


Will do it tonight :wink: (and by tonight, I mean in a few hours)


Quirk I’ve noticed with gear crafting. The quest function knows before you do if you have a legendary drop … so i guess either the dice are rolled before the craft is finished or it’s predetermined… would be nice if there was some way of knowing the sequence.

Atlas Gear rarity drop

It’s definitely on a table, I just don’t think it’s in the same place the other tables are found. There’s definitely a hundred+ craft period with no legendaries and then also a 4-5 legendary drop within 40 crafts


Updated for breeding event


When do atlas chests change, just once a season?


Atlas badges are like Sigils. There is one type per season and that’s the only type that can be used for Atlas season rewards. After the end of the season, any remaining badges are useless.


Thanks, but I was wondering about the other type of atlas chests, not seasonal badge chests.


Ah ok. So you were asking when the game starts you at a new point in the drop rotation for Atlas chests?

Idk that one.